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Health Professionals and Frontline Workers United

Date: November 2nd, 2022

Open Letter to the Honourable Premier Danielle Smith

Office of the Premier
307 Legislature Building
10800 – 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

Dear Premier Danielle Smith,

Congratulations on your Premiership! We are a group of health care professionals, frontline workers and other concerned Albertans who value Informed Consent and Freedom. We write to support your public statements about the state of Alberta Health Services (AHS) management and their questionable policies during the pandemic. Your comments about the unvaccinated being the most discriminated against group of Albertans in your lifetime are correct. We have lived it. We have been ostracized at work, investigated, and punished by our licensing bodies for practices that would have previously been expected and lauded in health professionals/frontline workers, and many of us have lost our means of providing for our families. As people who have been on the inside of this system for the last 2 years, we would like to highlight several concerning AHS management policies towards AHS workers and the residents of Alberta:

Regarding Informed Consent, it is a firm, foundational principle that ensures the freedom of individuals to make decisions about their medical care. As per College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta guidelines (https://cpsa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/AP_Informed-Consent-for-Adults.pdf), consent must be VOLUNTARY, specifically “Patients must be free of compulsion, duress or coercion when consenting to or refusing treatment.”  When AHS management instituted a Mandatory Covid Vaccine Policy for all AHS Staff by October 31st, 2021, there was direct violation of the principle of Informed Consent. Threatening to take away jobs for refusing an unproven, undesired medical procedure would certainly qualify as compulsion, duress, and coercion, such that Informed Consent is not possible. This alone is an abhorrent abuse of authority.

Regarding Freedom, the Alberta Bill of Rights, Chapter A-14 (https://kings-printer.alberta.ca/documents/Acts/A14.pdf) guarantees Albertans “security of the person”, “freedom of religion” and “freedom of speech”.  When AHS management mandated the Covid vaccine, many individuals submitted valid medical and religious exemptions. These were nearly universally denied with no legitimate explanation as to why.  Again, this is another abhorrent abuse of authority, especially with regards to medical exemptions, as administrators, who had no proper medical knowledge of the patient, were over-riding the medical advice of physicians with established patient-doctor relationships. Furthermore, doctors who wrote or spoke out about the exemptions, had their licenses threatened and their offices raided by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta!

We too, are concerned about AHS management’s relationship with the World Economic Forum (WEF) (https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/news/Page15540.aspx ), led by people like Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari.  We wonder if AHS management’s partnership with the WEF has allowed global interests to override not only the rights and freedoms, but also the interests, of ordinary Albertans. We have seen how AHS management’s draconian mandatory Covid vaccine policy has resulted in significant loss of healthcare staff: through dismissal, being put on unpaid leave, early retirement, and mass exodus from the province. This in turn has resulted in decreased morale (fewer workers doing the same work), increased surgical wait times, and multiple hospital, bed, and clinic closures. To say that AHS leadership has mismanaged the pandemic would be an understatement.

As for your political opponents (https://twitter.com/rachelnotley/status/1465943528119275520), who would go on to support AHS management’s tyrannical policies (after all, it was the NDP that installed nearly all AHS upper management) and continue to push for mandatory Covid vaccines, we would like to ask them a few questions.  Now remember everyone, Science should encourage questions, whereas Tyranny persecutes those who question.

  1. What do they say about the scientific evidence and reports that the Covid mRNA vaccines have failed to protect the population?
  2. What do they say about the scientific evidence and reports that the Covid mRNA vaccines have caused significant harm to the population?
  3. What do they say about the scientific evidence and reports that the Covid mRNA vaccines are not beneficial, and actually harmful to children?

In conclusion, we repeat our support for your public statements about AHS management and their violation of the rights, freedoms, and interests of AHS workers and other Albertans during the pandemic. We implore you to consider the following going forward:

  1. Reinstating and continuing protection of Informed Consent and Freedoms for all health care choices, including, but not limited to those unwilling to undergo the questionable medical procedure of Covid vaccination. This would include ending all Covid vaccine mandates province-wide, AHS and otherwise. It would also include allowing all students, learners and recruits the right to refuse the vaccine.
  2. Restructuring AHS to prevent abuse of authority from a central few. Increase transparency and accountability for decision makers on future boards, including who they are, affiliations, conflicts of interest, funding sources, and citing evidence for the basis of their decisions.
  3. Stopping all vaccination for children, a population proven to be not at any serious risk from Covid, and where the risks of vaccination far outweigh any benefit.
  4. Urgently needed is a more easily accessible and properly monitored vaccine injury reporting system. We are definitely seeing vaccine injuries, but the current reporting system run by AHS is overbearing (forms too excessive) and is staffed by nurses that appear to arbitrarily reject most reports.
  5. Finally, Alberta needs legislation to protect doctors, nurses and others who want to speak out. We’ve seen and wanted to speak about AHS management’s abusive and abhorrent policies for some time.  However, our colleges and governing bodies threaten (and in some cases, have already revoked) our licenses if we truthfully report what we are witnessing, whenever it is contrary to their narrative.  Please stop them from silencing us. Let us have Truth come out. The lives of Albertans depend on it.

Thank you for your attention. No matter what happens, we want to applaud you for standing up to tyranny in all its forms.  You have encouraged us immensely by publicly standing for informed consent and freedom. We admire your courage. We stand with you and support you.


451+ Healthcare Professionals

60+ Frontline Workers

1,651+ Concerned Alberta Residents

Please Note:  We have chosen to keep our names anonymous to the public for fear of reprisals from our colleges, upper management, and various regulatory bodies, much of which has already happened. Upon your request, we are prepared to provide a complete list of signatures to you if you assure us that this list will be kept strictly confidential.

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My employer has put me on unpaid leave for not consenting to an experimental injection. I’ve had to leave my home due to no wages. My health has deteriorated due to no medical benefits. My employer also has made it impossible to collect EI.

Marielle Watson – Alberta Resident Lodge attendant

I firmly believe the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms needs to be strengthened to not allow the Federal Government to impose restrictions through ‘mandates’ that are not seen by individuals as not in their best interest.

In fact, if government restrictions are imposed and later found to have been unnecessary then those government and other professions should be each held and charged with having committed a criminal  offence! They should be removed permanently from their positions and be barred for life from any & all positions of administrative power.

Dennis Nickolet Alberta Resident

My family and friends have had covid with no help with early treatment or support for their condition.
Go home and wait until you can’t breathe.
That’s the advice AHS was promoting. It’s been a horrible disgrace.

Elaine Williams – Allied Health Professional, Retired RNA

I was near retirement having spent 25 years with the company I was employed with.  When Trudeau came out with his mandatory vaccination policy for federally regulated workers, my company jumped right on without any resistance.  To protect all of my pension savings I chose to retire rather than take their suspension without pay.
The company treated me as if I was some kind of biohazard as a retired person was not even allowed back in the building.
I am pretty sure this had an effect on my fellow workers/friends as they commented if this is how I was treated, what was in store for them in the future.

Danielle, I have supported you since the Wildrose days, I know you are sincere and am 100% behind you in cleaning up this colossal mess in our province.

Conrad Gass – Airlines Aircraft Maintenance

I agree 100% with what Premier Smith stated that the unvaccinated have been the most discriminated group she has seen in her lifetime. In the eyes of many it may not be seen as politically correct but I’m so tired of politics and just want politicians to speak the truth and thank you Premier Smith for doing that.

Scott Cookson

I cannot believe how the CPSA violated the Health Professional Act for refusing to allow them to practice medicine based on their experience and good judgement. How many lives were harmed by this imposition on the doctors. I believe the College should be held to account for their complicity.

Richard Tansey

Please stop the Trudeau Government and all the Lies about the Vaccines. The rates of Canadian citizens that are  dying from unknown causes is off the charts . We know the reason ! The get rich scam is up for the Trudeau Government. Everyone that took  a payoff / bribe from WEF And the pharmaceutical companies should be immediately arrested and jailed. We stand with you ! The Truth must come out . Thankyou Thankyou

Geoff Skakun

The mental affect on not being vaccinated can not be measured .
 To watch my Grandchildren, not be able to enter a recreation facility to go swimming or skating or library and a restaurant because their Parents were not vaccinated was beyond heartbreaking.
For myself , I was shunned because I was not a follower. I was called “one of the dumb ones”
Red Cross called for a donation. I told them  I could not donate because Trudeau could freeze my bank account because I was not vaccinated. ( Freedom Convoy)   Their response was, “We do not want your blood just your money”. I responded “so are you saying that my money is more important than myself”  They hung up. 
The large majority of “followers”  really have any clue what is happening in the world. They have the lost the ability to ask questions and think of the outside of the box. As one person said “I like to live in my bubble and nothing will affect me”  How did society get so selfish.?

Joan Bokenfohr

After listening to many doctors early on that were concerned about mass vaccinating and stating it wasn’t a good idea, I felt something wasn’t right.  When the government was pushing the vaccines and giving people gift cards, etc.  then I really knew something was up.  The gov’t never gives anything for free and it wouldn’t be free as the taxpayers were paying for those gift cards.  I did a lot of research and it seemed pretty clear to me this was not about protecting people but rather making people sicker so they would rely on big pharma  to protect them when they really were not.  I have to say since this whole Covid thing started I have lost all faith in the health care system.  I have now turned to  holistic methods.

Marti Heintz

Thank you for standing up and defending the people of Alberta.   It is essential that the truth of the harm caused by the injections, and the pandemic policies is made public!

Retired veterinarian

I support our new Premier in everything she has said to date- it is obvious to me that she is studying the issues at hand and is trying to move forward for Albertans in a fair and balanced way.  STAY STRONG- you have enormous support.

Cathy Tipler – Nutritional consulting practitioner

I have remained unvaccinated, not because I do not believe in the value of immunization because I do, but I chose to wait and watch how these very untested vaccines were going to work. When I witnessed the very poor, even dangerous, results, first-hand and through media, I decided to rely on my strong immune system to keep me safe. It did. In the meantime, I have been kept from attending to business interests off shore because of the travel restrictions. The manner in which the gov’t at all levels have dealt with the pandemic has effected me financially and personally among family, friends and my community. I am now angry and unhappy about the country I live in and the province I love. I no longer trust my govt or the institutions, including my doctor, that I pay dearly for and have relied on all my life.  I deeply appreciate people, like these fine Health Care professionals, and others, who have suffered and risked so much, but have taken on a mission of fighting for our rights and pushing back to prevent an even deeper erosion of our rights and public trust.

Sharon Maclise – Administrative, Real Estate Broker/Owner/Manager

Learning from experience or experiential learning is the process of learning while doing, to not fear mistakes, but to value them. It is designed to engage emotions as well as enhancing knowledge and skill. The learner is better able to connect theories and knowledge learned thru real world situations.

When a mistake/incident takes place we must learn from it, regardless of if loss takes place or not. If we take that opportunity to learn why it happened, we have a much better chance of preventing future or greater loss.

When an incident results in great loss, emotion is often engaged, that emotion should never impede on the importance that all evidence is considered and explored.

When I look at the actual and perceived loss associated with our current real world Covid 19 incident, my investigation begins with the review of data both current and historical data provided by health Canada that outlines death statistics provincially and federally and note that the data contradicts the narrative of a huge increase in deaths from 2015 to 2020.

We were told that a great risk of death and or sickness was upon our great nation in March of 2020 and severe controls were mandated.  Nonstop propaganda flooded our tv and radios to ensure we clearly understood the threat was real.

 Fast forward to March of 2021 after 3 major shut downs of our economy, unbelievable financial loss and a perception of mass deaths of our most vulnerable we see no major rise in the data.

What happened to data driven decision making?

Our governments mandated draconian controls based on “what if”?  Entrepreneurs are forced out of business, for a ” just in case” scenario?

Well, it makes the critical thinker/investigator ask many “what if” questions as well. The investigation begins to study theories and knowledge from all evidence that either justifies or dismisses the requirement of such a loss.

Then, suddenly half your evidence becomes “Fake”, False information”, what? Interviews with subject matter experts with doctorates, degrees, noble peace prises are dismissed, debunked, censored?

The information you are allowed to consider in this investigation only comes from the bias communicated by government and its highest subsidized corporation, the media. The very same government that has established the draconian controls or mandates?

How can a proper investigation be conducted when evidence is withheld or not considered? How can an effective corrective action be implemented when even the basic cause of the loss is being determined by a bias?

It is time to engage some emotion, some integrity, use our knowledge and experience to speak up and out about the requirement for an effective Investigation, consideration of all the evidence. The suppressed info only makes one consider that someone does not want you to establish a root cause.

I think we can all agree there is huge value in establishing effective corrective actions to ensure we learn from this experience and never let it happen again.


Corinne Leeco – Counselling Occupational Health & Safety Consultant

I feel that AHS owes me compensation for the duress, stress and financial losses and costs that I have gone through this past year.   Being placed on an unpaid leave of absence has cost me over $25,000 in debt and still growing.
My workplace has become quite toxic and under such stress and duress, for what I have been through, my back gave out on me at the end of July, after returning to work for only 4 months and I am currently on disability and this is having a huge impact on my financial situation, as well as my well being and physical capacity to do regular household things.
I live with pain everyday and that’s not living.

Barbara Paolini – Administrative Support III AHS Switchboard Operator

As a former nurse I was incredibly concerned with the release of vaccines that were still in animal testing stages, while the public was told that they were fully tested and safe. It was an egregious violation of medical ethics to use people in a study without informing them they were in a medical trial. My husband and I knew we were not at high risk of complications or death from Covid and so we declined to get vaccinated; we also did not have our children vaccinated when it was approved for minors. These decisions led us to be completely ostracized from main society, no longer being able to take our family out to eat, to a movie, or for a family swim, except to a few select places that did not opt in to the Restrictions Exemption Program (which we saw as a thinly veiled Vaccine Passport system in Alberta). We had closer family members tell us we could not visit them because we were unvaccinated. In the meantime, we heard several stories of serious Covid vaccine injuries, from blood clots to paralysis to death. This made us even further in our stance against getting vaccinated, and raised our concerns seven further that everyone receiving the vaccine was not fully informed of the risks versus benefits.
I believe a full investigation into the dismissal of any employees as a result of refusing the vaccine is warranted, and legislation to prevent this from every happening again is vitally necessary.

Lindsay Wright – Alberta Resident, Parent of five, former nurse

I work in Pediatric Cardiology and have seen firsthand the harms of masking on the social, linguistic and cognitive development of children having seen patients born shortly before and during the pandemic.

 In the second year, after the mRNA vaccines were approved for the 12-17 cohort, I witnessed an increase of of youth developing peri/myocarditis. Cardiologist did at first note the relationship to the vaccines on their requisitions for the tests I perform until for some unknown they stopped.

In my opinion, there is a level of criminality with the rollout of these vaccines and the coercive measures taken to inflict them on the populace  This must be investigated.

Ronald Smith – Registered Cardiology Technologist

Thank you Premiere Danielle Smith.  When you gave your comments re the unvaccinated I cried. Some of the pain of what I and my husband have gone through was being acknowledged. Thank you. We have had our family torn apart because of opposing views on vaccination and still have a child that refuses to see us.  We have been isolated, marginalized, and ostracized. If we followed true science we were called conspiracy theorists.  We saw doctors who helped patients with alternative therapies get disciplined for saving people’s lives.  We have been in fear of going to a hospital and having life saving treatment denied if not vaccinated, or being given treatment that could harm more than help. The list goes on and on.  I realize you are under great pressure for what you have said and just know that there are many who support you.

Dianne Hilton

I am an LPN. I was put on unpaid leave Dec13, 2021 and forced into early retirement because of the draconian measures of AHS. I loved my work. Because of this illegal and discrimatory act of AHS I now live at the poverty level. I will not submit to the pcr test or injection of an experimental product into my body. My body my choice needs to be without being penalized and excluded by society. History is repeating itself why can’t people see that? Thank you very much Premier Smith for sticking up for the rights of all people! I will support you any way I can!

Brenda Ans – Licensed Practical Nurse

I so appreciate the courage it takes for these front line people to speak after all the abuse they have taken. As they said, they went from heroes, to zeros!!  Not OK and I for one, want to know why. What was the end game?

I like to think I am a critical thinker and within a couple of weeks of the lockdowns, we saw many red flags that made us question the draconian measures being forced on all ( should I say most Albertans- many politicians and members higher up in the AHS seemed to be exempt!)Albertans and the never ending narrative to keep the masses in fear. We started digging deep to try to find some resemblance to truth and have not watched the bought and paid for mainstream media or read a newspaper for almost 3 years. At this point I must mention how grateful we were for Danielle Smith’s  radio show, for it confirmed some numbers we were seeing too. Was AHS lying to us?

I hope the writers of this letter are rewarded. Thank you.

Valerie Nelson – Retired Alberta Senior

I was fired from my job in the oilfield because I was forced to disclose my vaccination status to keep my job. My doctor would not write me a note because she was terrified she would lose her license and said as much without saying it. The health care system and other governmental bodies were not the only ones to be fired or put on leave from their jobs. I would like to see all Albertans who lost their jobs and right to earn a living to be back paid and to have their positions reinstated , not just provincial workers. There are so many that need protection from this massive discrimination against our people. I have been waiting for this day when someone of authority would stand up for us Canadians and fight for what I knew in my heart was right the whole time. People thought I was crazy leave my cushy job because I wouldn’t get vaccinated and my employer gave me zero options and were extremely unaccommodating towards me to keep my job. It was like, if you aren’t fully vaccinated by this date or cannot provide a doctors note (which they made clear it was their choice if they would even accept that) the. You will be put on leave with no pay. I was fired instead because I asked for more time to get a note as I was needing to speak to my doctor again to see about my heart condition. They simply just fired me after 2.5 years as an exceptional employee without hesitation and discrimination. I was scum in their eyes and they did nothing whatsoever to try to accommodate me in any way. To say the least, I’m angry this injustice has happened to me others and that I lost a job that I absolutely loved, and for what? Where was my protection? Where was my government support? Who was going to pay my bills? I feel ripped off and this whole thing was and is still feeling like a nightmare. It’s so nice to finally feel heard and listed to and I hope that something will be done for all Albertans who lost their job not just certain sectors. This is an outrage.. still!

Marquesa Shore – Oil field- fleet coordinator

As someone that has spend time in the ICU during covid, I had amazing treatment from doctors, nurses and various therapist. However, it was extremely evident that the AHS administration was a big problem. During staff shortages some unvaccinated nurses was escorted out of the unit and was not able to help with patient care. I as a patient I felt that the skill level of the nurses escorted out, that worked during the time I was in there, were extremely good. It was detrimental to the patients as staff shortages became a bigger problem and patients had to be huddled together. (We were 10 patients on ventilatotors in one area, way too much for 3 nurses to handle in ICU) These isues should rest squarely AHS administration’s shoulders. Also, during that time AHS made the decision that family wasn’t allowed to visit, so when “end of life” protocol kicked in, I had to say goodbye to my loved ones over a phone. What an absolute terrible experience that was. AHS has no humanity.

Maricha Kriel – Alberta Resident

I have watched my daughter & daughterinlaw lose their jobs without being able to file for employment insurance. They were both denied because they took a voluntary leave of absence. They did not volunteer to lose their jobs. They have struggled financially since this happend. They were both front line workers that had to work when many were sent home with cerb available.They were hard working & paid into this insurance for years. Please look into this injustice for all workers that were mandated to get experimental vaccine.

L. Mcinnes – Administrative

You have started off making a strong impression and I support every aspect of it to ensure our rights, freedoms, and informed consent are protected.

Can we also ask why MSM is not announcing the Pfizer data dumps or highlighting the new evidence based science that has been confirmed on the vaccines and how they are more problematic.  In addition to that, the discussion of masking needs to be put to an end that they simply do not do what they think they do in protection and cause more harm.

Thank you for your efforts and continued push for Alberta prosperity for all of us.

Derek Nicoll – CFP, CLU, CHS

I have never in my life imagined I would witness such atrocities in a modern 1st world developed and highly educated country.  Our governments, politicians, health systems and policies have been breached and corrupted by greed.  The people no longer have choice but to come together at the grass roots level upward to develop a new platform of leadership that is immune to corruption!

We can do better; we have the education, the skill, the technology and the compassion needed to rebuild!

Connie Koch – Addictions Counselling, Retired

The last two years has been a non stop attack on all citizens, but specifically the unjabbed.

The actions of the AHS , Unions and private employers have been a disgusting and heinous attack on the freedoms and liberties and more importantly the health of all people.

They lied and now people are dying in record numbers from an untested and unsafe biological weapon that has been so carelessly foisted upon the worlds people.

There should be jail sentences for the people who promoted harm and  fraud to others just to keep their jobs. 

 These are not good people and they should be punished for what they have done.

These are crimes against humanity.

The Corrupt (paid for)Media and the corrupt politicians enabled this genocide and shouted down anyone who used critical thinking skills as to how to deal with the Plandemic/Scamdemic

Just doing my job

Is not an excuse for their behaviour.

I won’t be satisfied until justice is served to these criminals.

There is ample evidence of the Trudeau liberals investing in the vaccines years before the Plandemic.

There is ample evidence that the Pharma companies knew the jabs were  going to kill millions.

We were given this information as soon as this all started in early 2020 , but so many of the politicians in Alberta and Canada from all parties towed the line that the media and federal government pushed.

No push back except from a few like Max Bernier and Randy Hillier.

These are actual heroes in this fight as they put their careers and lives on the line to protect the people of Canada. 

Now we have political prisoners and millions of deathly sick and injured Canadians with no hope of retribution or compensation because of a corrupt judiciary.

Steve Ofstedahl – Union Worker

My granddaughter was new to the healthcare and has left the field from the pressure she received for not taking vax. My daughter was 20 years total in healthcare 13 with AHS. She was bullied and harassed because of her vax choice. She ended up taking 1st shot and had a reaction like a mini stroke and did not want second. She was targeted by her manager who tried to have her fired. She is still on stress leave and has since had her appendix removed which she thinks from what she read is a side effect of the vax as she was perfectly healthy before. I used to be in healthcare but thankfully retired before the lockdown but sadly by family is affected. My grandson also was banned from Nait for his career at the time as they required it even though he had covid and had natural immunity. We all had it when the Delta variant was out, 13 of us and we were all fine.

Bernie Bussey

Our family chose to exercise our charter rights to bodily autonomy but experienced coercion from many different levels including all levels of government, employers, educators, AHS, and media. The discrimination we faced as a result was and is completely unacceptable and should never be allowed to happen again. I personally followed AHS numbers very closely throughout the, so called, ‘pandemic’ and determined that the risk Covid19 posed to my age bracket was negligible and to our teenagers was a statistical zero and weighed against the possibility of negative outcomes of novelle mrna technology was not worth the risk. For this decision my family was ostracised and prevented from participating in society. Because of this our trust in government, the health care system, and even our fellow citizens has been completely eroded. I remember Jason Kenney speaking out against the WEF and stating that Alberta would have nothing to do with ‘Schwab or his ilk.’ So I hold very little faith in Danielle Smith holding firm either. Here’s hoping I’m wrong about her.

Gavin Ouellette

My husband was put on unpaid leave because he would not disclose his status. We were not able to put our children in sports or take them to any public places. I have an autoimmune disease and was unable to get a medical exemption, the best my Doctor could do was a letter of “support” of my choice. Thankfully my employer did not mandate or we would have faced being homeless. Since mandates were lifted I still am working through social anxiety from our segregation. I have lost many friends over this. I still consider us fortunate as my oldest child who is a young adult went and got it behind our back. She said she felt pressured. Her friends were threatening to exclude her and her job was threatened. She just wanted a life. After the first she started having chest pains. They were dismissed as chostochondritis. She went and got the second anyway as she wanted to be able to work. Initially her physician wrote a letter advising she not get the second shot but later refused to giver her a medical exemption as it “wasn’t necessary”. A year and a half later she is still having chest pains and has informed me she is taking muscle relaxers regularly to alleviate the pain. I have asked her to push for answers. As a mother it is hard to compartmentalize the real possibility that one day in the future we will get a call that she has died suddenly. I don’t know if she’ll make it to her 25th birthday. What they have done to us is beyond unethical and immoral.

Heather Hoth

LOVE THIS!! Thank you to whomever has been working in this. I feel blessed to be in AB with such strong support from the premier and like minded healthcare professionals!  We fled another province because of discrimination and because of the promise in Alberta. At first there were still mandates for new hires which was discouraging but that ended.  I’m so beyond happy to see Alberta taking a stand.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ambassador of Christ – Working as a Nurse

It is still surreal to think about what Canadians have gone through over the past 2 1/2 years. For many of us “regular” Albertans – our lives have gone back to normal for the most part but I know that’s not the case for our doctors and nurses! 

I encourage Premier Smith to do all that she can to allow the doctors and nurses to have a voice and speak the truth and help their patients in the way that is right.  They should not be regulated by the college of physicians/surgeons!!

Thank you!

Miriam Jenkins

I wish to also address the number of malpractice cases whereby hospital staff were banned from the use of proven, effective medicines (ie ivermectin) as well as forcing harmful ventilators and vaccines ensuring the death of many patients, especially seniors. Hospital staff who voluntarily accepted vaccines, pushed vaccines and ventilators on their patients were in fact knowingly killing those patients. My brother for instance was hospitalized with dehydration and pneumonia and had nurses trying to coerce him into the vax until the Doctor told them to leave him alone!  Dr admitted he was jabbed and regrets that decision daily as he has not been well since. Those nurses should be fired, never to work in medicine again!  My other brother died from kidney failure, myocarditis and blood clots due to the vaccine, within 2 months. We need to heal from this horrific nightmare and main stream media needs to be held accountable for every day that they are lying to the masses. Please, Danielle, shut them down!  Shut them up!

Wendy Mckee

The entire Covid-19 “pandemic” was a political decision not a medical or health related one.  The WEF was very vocal in its support of labelling this particular SARS virus as deadly because it fit their propaganda campaign to have the “Great Reset”.  This reset is meant to remove individual rights and freedoms and replace them with blind adherence to an ideology as frightful as Nazi Germany’s or maybe even worse.  Schwab likes to brag how his “trainees” have infiltrated governments – especially the Liberal government of Canada – and how the restrictions – unconstitutional – would move Western democracies to the WEF mantra of “You will have nothing and you will be happy”.  Totalitarianism completely.  Thankfully, some brave Canadians resisted the mandates, stood for law and order, and put their very livelihoods on the line for what is RIGHT.  As more people learn about the hoax perpetrated against them those same people will resist any further restrictions.  The pendulum is swinging back to freedom.

It is to be hoped that, in time, our Courts, (presently full of Liberal appointed judges) will move to the truth and punish those who attacked Canadians through this Covid-19 hoax.  All the world should comply with the Nuremberg Code and those governments that did not should be made to pay the price.

It is interesting to note that because of the failure of Covid-19 to “kill” enough of the Earth’s population, these same governments are now moving to ridiculous measures to restrict the amount of food that can be grown by slashing fertilizer availability and destroying meat production and processing.  The only motive can be to kill more of the Earth’s population until it reaches the number (some say 1.3 billion) that the elites have determined is acceptable.

Time to rid the world of these evil people.  God bless Danielle Smith and some in the medical field for standing up for Truth and Justice.

Retired Albertan

Informed consent was also questionable and remains so in care facilities. Vaccinations are ongoing and can be an implied requirement to continue to reside in the building. I think it requires some follow up in policy work.

At present there are healthcare staff experiencing significant illness never seen before where they are unwell for periods lasting 2-3 weeks and coming back with unresolved fatigue and malaise. It appears to me that their immune systems are in a state of breakdown. I would think that the sickness metrics, as well as the vacancies and turnover in AHS Human Resources records could be used in forecasting what I see. I see an unreliable workforce with diminishing strength. By the way, we are still all masking, and this is a separate matter- I query if it is incubating virus and bacteria. I also worry about inhalation of microplastics from the masks having long term consequence to healthcare employees, or any other impact to the circulatory system (O2 deprivation, etc.)

Please consider placing Dr. Roger Hodkinson as an advisor, since he is retired.

I’m still seeing a largely uneducated group of colleagues surrounding me at AHS, as there has been groupthink occurring with all educational materials, and the unions are unabashedly partisan with the NDP. This is UNA and HSAA.

Thank you. It has been a living hell for me. The Premiere gives me hope that there needn’t be more unnecessary suffering beyond what is already done.

Allied Health Professional – Mental Health Clinician

I was an employee of AHS for over 25 years.  I loved my job and had no intentions of retiring in the fall of 2021. 

I have difficulty putting into words how stressful and demeaning it was to have to endure the months of anguish AHS inflicted upon myself and my colleagues that refused to reveal our vaccination status after Covid 19 vaccinations were mandated.  This caused devastating division amongst staff, friends, and family.  Heated differing opinions became the norm at work.  I shared an office with a triple vaccinated coworker, my supervisor, who was relentless in pushing their views and their choice.  I was told that I was too stupid to understand the science behind the Covid vaccine.  They suggested that I stay away from social media where misinformation was rampant and that I should use AHS as my source to educate myself.  Every day at work felt like I was in a pressure cooker, with no possibility of relief.  We were not allowed to have a coffee break or eat our lunch in the staff room.  I  was forced to eat at my desk or eat in my vehicle.   AHS sent employees constant pressuring and treatening emails regarding the vaccine mandate.

I have had a severe reaction to an influenza vaccine. This was listed as a reason to be cautious  about receiving the Covid vaccine.  I asked my Physician for a medical exemption for my employer and was denied.  I recall breaking down and sobbing in my doctor’s office.  I contacted the Member Services Office for my Union looking for support.  I was laughed at and told that filing a grievance against AHS regarding this mandate would be a waste of time.

I was not in a financial position to be placed on an Unpaid Leave of Abscence for an undetermined amount of time.  I contacted Unemployment Insurance hoping to get some temporary financial assistance to see me through this crisis.  I was told that my refusal to report my vaccination status to my employer was seen by E.I. as putting myself in a position for Disciplinary Action by my Employer and therefore I was not eligible for any assistance. 

Check mate!!  So unfair, so unjust, and no where left to turn.  I felt that my only option was to early retirement.  This was a decision made under severe distress.  There were days that I did not want to get out of bed.  I fell into a deep depression.  I thought I would find another job to fill my empty days.  With my skills and education being in a medical profession, any job I would  apply for would also require me to have the Covid 19 vaccine.

It has been a year since I was forced into an unwanted retirement.  I still miss my job terribly.  As I tell you my story, I type with tears of anger, resentment, and sadness for not only myself, but for the thousands of hard working Albertans and Canadians like myself that have had to endure these incredibly difficult times.

Our hope for justice lies with you. Thank you for being brave enough to speak the truth, knowing that this places you in a position to be scrutinized for your views.

Thank you for being our voice!!

Allied Health Professional – Therapy Assistant

I am a retired healthcare worker. I know the experimental vaccine kills and injures people. The Canadian government is now currently allowing and in fact instructing surgeons to vaccinate people against their will while under anesthesia. This is not right, this is against all human rights. People have died from the vaccine so this is a lethal injection against our will. OUR BODIES, OUR CHOICE!

Alberta Resident

I have already written a personal email to Danielle Smith expressing my gratitude for her acknowledgment of the discrimination the unvaccinated have experienced and her stance against this discrimination. This discriminatory behaviour is against every thing I have been taught about ethics within my profession. I also have strong ethical codes around informed consent that I adhere to for the benefit of my clients. The government, pharmaceutical companies and those who have engineered these discriminatory policies have encouraged me to violate these codes of ethics, which I have been unwilling to do.


I ended up leaving my role with AHS after 14 years when they decided to implement mandatory vaccines.   My last day of work was October 31, 2021.   14 years of pension and great seniority.   I asked to stay on as casual in order to keep my seniority however was told I had to sign a document stating in order to come back I would have to adhere to the vaccine mandate.  

I have since moved on to work where they did not mandate the vaccine.   Healthcare right now is short of workers.   I am one of them that left a job I loved with people I loved.   I am an occupational therapist that loved working in homecare to get people the things they need to stay at home, or die at home peacefully.    I will never go back to AHS…especially now that will not honor my years worked and the reason why I left my great job.   I also am so very happy to work at a place that does not mandate mask wearing.    I used to be proud to work at AHS and now am embarrassed of the company it became.   I am glad I left.

Allied Health Professional

The Covid policies were a clear violation of the Rights of Canadians. Many police officers were very reluctant to take any actions to enforce them and were afraid to speak out.


The media’s constant and repetative fear based information to this day, Oct.29,2022, doesn’t report or reference fact or respect reasonable discussion between all health professionals. Dying suddenly and vaccine harm has been hushed. They have played a monstrous role in damaging the publics future trust of any authority. I include police, judicial systems, health services, political leaders and big Pharma. What’s next…  Defund them!

Safety Officer, NCSO

Danielle, thanks so much for this opportunity.  I can’t describe the flood of emotion your words about the discrimination of unjabbed brought up in me, and the intention to clean house at AHS.  It was a mixture of relief (to actually hear you say those words out loud and the media HAVE to cover it), of validation for all we’ve suffered.  That, and hope.

As a retired nurse, I’ve been watching Big Pharma for 40 years, and while I’m very aware of their criminal past, and was thoroughly alarmed when they announced a “vaccine” (after not in 40 years of trying having been able to create one that worked for a corona virus…suddenly they had one in 4 months!) I never dreamed it would be this criminal and UNSTOPPABLE. 

Having now been through almost 3 years of hell, watching my darling old dad go through myocarditis, then a terrible skin rash (which had him begging me to organize assisted suicide) and finally death from heart failure, caused by the myocarditis, all the while being ridiculed and abused by 4 younger siblings who made sure he got his 4 shots, and are all cultists of the Covid religion. Along side this was the trauma of watching as my beautiful little great nieces and nephews are systematically injected (so far okay, thank God), and the world goes mad and refuses to see the devastating statistics world wide, as athletes keel over on the field (over 1000 now), injected women lose their babies, young people including doctors and kids “die suddenly”.  In spite of all of these now KNOWN FACTS, those who refuse to allow that to happen to themselves are seen as terrorists, and called so by our own government, as they build factories in this country to make more and more of these injections.

We’re in big trouble here Danielle, and my prayer is that you’ll be able to stand up to the S*&# storm that’s headed your way.  Know that there are millions of us out here who have been brutalized and silenced this whole time, and we support you fully, while praying you manage to stand up to it.  If you don’t I fear we are headed for complete and utter chaos and disaster……starting with starvation for many and financial collapse, and even full on world war…..all created by the same entities who created the Covid crisis. 

If I might make a suggestion, Dr. William Makis would make an excellent advisor on your team.  He’s been a victim of AHS and sees this whole nightmare for what it is. 

God be with you Danielle, and I hope you have good security.

Retired Nurse

I left because of forced vaccination by AHS

Took early retirement

Not counted as a % of nursing staff leaving from AHS Covid vaccination status because counted as retired.

A 36 year experienced nurse leaving a dire, critical nursing shortage because of being forced out!

Licensed Practical Nurse

Seeing some of the long-term effects of vaccines and boosters now in my practice

-weakened immune systems, people getting recurring infections (chest, bladder, skin)

-dormant cancers recurring or flaring up, fast and aggressive cancers (again from weakened immune system)

-patients with permanently damaged heart and lungs, unable to do the sports and activities they used to (including kids)

-persistently elevated D-dimers, signifying microclots in the body (and that they now produce spike protein from their DNA)

General long-term advice

-realize you’ve been duped into believing a lie, stop all further shots and boosters immediately, tell others

-stop trusting mainstream media, realize they are bought and paid for by these same vaccine companies/large corporations

-stop believing you came from a monkey, that’s nonsense!  Forget the public school programming… just think about it!

-pursue Truth instead.  Hint: He has a name.  Be blessed, loved, and forgiven.  Do the same for others.  Peace.


May God bless you, Premier Danielle Smith! You are a courageous leader and we are grateful for your  support of all Albertans, those who, like myself, didn’t take the jab and lost my teaching job and salary for two months, as well as those who took this jab with the understanding it would protect them and their elderly from covid but it didn’t, those who took the shot, not because they wanted to but because their jobs and livelihoods were threatened, or they wanted to travel or visit their elderly members in hospital or long term care, or see their children playing on a team or just wanted to watch a movie or go to a restaurant. In turn, not only Albertans say thank you but millions around the world say thank you! You give courage and strength to the silent majority and for this we tearfully and humbly say thanks! May the Lord continue to open your eyes to the truth and may He bless you with wisdom in leading this wonderful land. John 8:32 The truth will set you free. Jesus will reveal the truth to you because He said, I am the way, the truth and the life!  James 1:5, If any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God who giveth to all men (inclusive) liberally.   We love you, Danielle!  May God bless you!


I could not continue my nursing career after last 2 yrs with a clear conscience regarding mandates, mask wearing, injecting our seniors with an experimental mrna jab, nasal swabbing, isolating seniors to their room, forbidding family from visits & constant fear mongering about a so-called killer virus…nursing is no longer the same as when i graduated 33 yrs ago. Caring is gone, more & more protocols come every yr & we’ve lost compassion, reason & common sense regarding holistic nursing care. I will continue to show compassion, peace, joy & hope in my daily life wherever i am

Recently resigned Nurse

I’m very concerned for all of humanity! My lifelong profession (of 35yrs) that I have always had integrity & honesty in my job, has taken a horrible turn  but I won’t give up yet.. I feel very alone & unable to express to anyone in fear of discipline. I can’t understand how my colleagues are not connecting the vaccines to the strokes, heart conditions, neurological conditions, & advancing dementia. I’m observing these conditions that are fatal to some & others left with increasing care needs. The ERs are full of these clients!! How is EMS, ER staff or Firefighters not seeing this trend? Of course they have their own jobs, mortgages & are muzzled with their own fears of reprisal & loss of income. We Must be United & not allow any more Shots!


It was clear working through the pandemic, that AHS was trying to inflate the number of Covid cases with continuous testing of patients that were not symptomatic.

Seeing families not be able to visit loved ones was sickening!

One shift during the pandemic, an OR nurse referred to those who chose. to be unvaccinated as selfish pricks. It has been a sad time for health care in our province. I left my job on December 1, 2021 after 14 years working in Day Surgery and I will not return under the corrupt system.

Thank you for giving us hope!

Licensed Practical Nurse

I am a home care nurse. When the shots rolled out I saw many death in the home care community. None of the nurses connected the shots to the high death rate. They were baffled why people were suddenly dying in their sleep. This should have lightened the load. Instead, we have been bombarded with many more new admissions with people with sudden decline in mobility. They now need help with showering and dressing. I also noticed a sharp rise in diabetic client’s blood sugar being out of control and new clients diagnosed with sudden onset of diabetes requiring insulin.

I have trusted the system my entire life. Now I realize that we all have been lied to on so many levels. My eyes were opened the moment they announced that the healthy people were to be quarenteened. The masks never have and never will stop viral transmission. The masks are a muzzle. They interfere with client care and communication. AHS still mandates that we wear the masks at work. Please put a stop to the mask mandate.


When the vaccine was mandated by AHS back in Oct 31, 2021.  I decided to take early retirement.  I loved my job at AHS and was not ready to retire but felt I know longer could work for a corrupt and unethical corporation.  I sat in on meetings where my upper management would openly say the pandemic was due to the unvaccinated.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We were told when the mass vaccination stations were set up around the City of Edmonton that we (nurses) might be called upon to go out and give the vaccine.  I refused and said under no circumstance would I ever give that vaccine.  I couldn’t give any informed consent and knew through my research that the vaccine was dangerous to people’s health.  Through my research I knew AHS were part of the WEF and globalist agenda’s. This was evident through their tyrannical and draconian attitudes.  The writing was on the wall. As nurses we were not supported by our managers, union or our governing body.  Our healthcare system was broken.  I could no longer in good conscious be a part of that system. I don’t have a job, live with my son and can barely support myself but my dignity, self respect and self love are intact.


HCA of 33 years. Lost the career I was staying at until I retired.   I loved my job and my residents.

Health Care Aide

Glad you are here to represent us honestly
It’s about time we have someone who is willing to go that extra mile to ensure us of our rights & freedom

Yvonne Dupont – Allied Health Professional, Community Services Disability Worker

Thanks for doing this….premier smith, your words and actions allow people who thought there was no hope left in Alberta and Canada to have hope again….to exercise their right to free speech and say what they believe to be true and for a premier of a Province to now support them and hear what they have to say!  THANK YOU!

Police – RCMP

I worked in an Independent Living facility as a HCA in early 2020 and 2021. I witnessed gross neglect off medical conditions because of lockdowns. I had clients tell me they did not want to go to hospital with symptoms of heart failure, infections, serious skin conditions, etc because they would then be locked in their rooms for 14 days. I saw clients with mild symptoms of dementia rapidly deteriorating because of isolation in their rooms. I saw a 97 yr old man break out in blisters all over his body, ears, soles of his feet. I was told after he was hospitalized in his mouth & down his throat. His family reports he died in extreme pain basically of starvation. His wife of 76 years was not allowed to visit because he was only allowed one person, which needed to be his daughter to make medical decisions for him. His wife didn’t get to see him until a few days before he died. I wrote our MLA and MP about the inhumanity with regards to that particular case. In my work every neglect and every health issue was reported in writing to my supervisor at FCSS and was passed on to the nurses and care team. I saw things neglected for months and months and months, often the client would end up passing away because of complications that had been previously reported and they could have been eased in suffering if not prevented. The severe cases were within weeks or a few months of vacation.

Personally, I was given a letter requesting exemption from wearing my eye PPE (goggles) because of severely dry eyes caused by the same. My boss refused and my doctor refused the request. I was also told I would have to be vaccinated to continue working for FCSS because AHS required it.

I chose not to be vaccinated because of my extreme sensitivity to medications which was documented with my family physician. Plus, I have some of the concerning co morbidities for vaccination. I was not given the requested exception from vaccination by my family physician. He would not say why.

I resigned my position with great sadness mid summer of 2021 because I was suffering what I now understand  to be shedding affects on my own health, with a month of weekly trips to emergency after my shifts.

I am very happy to have this opportunity to share these experiences… I could tell you much much more of the terrible things I saw as a result of lockdowns and forced immunization (doctor said I have to) in the senior lodge where I worked.

I think AHS decision makers are criminals and should be prosecuted not just fired. They caused gross injury, family devastation’s and even death, unnecessary early death, to many clients I worked with.

Health Care Aide

The leaders of AHS directing front line staff have no direct clinical training to understand RN/LPN workloads.

I was hired to put nurses into 3 senior lodges..when I had a meeting with lead AHS director of northern zone ..her training was early childhood development. No hospital background to lead nurses. Another director , was a respiratory Tech.. no nursing background. I could go on..

We need less of these untrained people and get boots on the ground Frontline workers who know the challenges.

EMT’s need to be out on the road, not sitting with pts in hospital hallways for hours on end. Hca’s could be hired to monitor vitals on holding pts , there are numerous answers to correct this flawed system.

Nurse – Acute Care/ Er/ EmT 30 years

Working in EMS seems to get harder every week, hospitals are at a constant over capacity and more and more EMS personal are going off on stress leave. People who should be getting faster care are waiting 10- 14hrs in our waiting rooms, sometimes under the care of multiple EMS crews, thus taking trucks off the roads, but sometimes just on there own in waiting rooms.

Thank you Danniel Smith for caring about these issues and looking for logical solutions.

Emergency Medical Services

Hello Premier Smith,

We are grateful for the courage you have shown in the early days of being premier of Alberta. The mob on the left is loud, however please know that there are many of us who support you and are praying for you as you take down evil strongholds in our province. God Bless You!

Alberta Resident

For quite a while now, AHS has forgotten the principle of treating others with value and respect. They have forgotten that in our culture, it is about freedom to choose. When they violated that right with vaccine mandates, they forgot that many of their staff would simply choose to leave Alberta or the profession. Now we can see the implications of iron fists, this should be obvious to those who know their history but sadly, because our country has enjoyed a history of much individual freedom,  the citizens and AHS have no historical recollection of oppression of individual choice at the false tenet of the greater good.

It should frighten everyone that Canada’s largest corporation, AHS, has placed political and social interests above the ethical use of medicine. For many of us in this profession who have been called anti-science, we are actually very understanding of the limitations of science and its propensity to need constant refinement. Science changes. This very phrase is being used to justify a vaccine that did not do the things promised, it did not do any of the things stated as valid reasons to force everyone under threat of losing careers to get it. They say, “Well, science changes” to which many of us say, “We know. It is BECAUSE science changes that the ethical use of medicine is always superior to any scientific theory for justifying authoritarian iron fists.” The fact that AHS, a medicine driven organization failed to recognize this is a serious issue that many Albertans are trying to raise red flags about while others remain ignorant of the devices used to remove their freedoms, devices like phrases that say, “For the common good”… except the common good also includes those you are forcing and if it doesn’t, well then how is it ACTUALLY for the greater good? It would be for the good of those that do as their told, even against their will. Is this where we want to live? Is this old sentiment that our forebears fought and died to bury forever being revived by ignorance? Some may disagree but it’s not a logical leap to understand the need to question such things. 

I am of the opinion that forcing people to get something at the threat of losing their jobs, and then smearing them with stereotype slurs like anti-vaxxer or excluding them from society for rejecting abuse is discrimination because the premise used to justify mandates was to protect others, but now science says the vaccine doesn’t stop spread. We ostracized a segment of the population at the feet of science, a mistake we should have seen on the basis that science changes. A mistake we should have foreseen at the previously understood principle that the ethical use of medicine always trumps the scientific. It is very disheartening that our top officials and leaders have either forgotten this or ignored it and at the detriment of our Healthcare system and all the citizens whose families and friendships have been torn apart by the fact that science changes.


I am an Alberta Resident that has been discriminated for not getting the Covid shot as I was not allowed to participate in everything from eating in restaurants to traveling.  I am almost 60 and have been a Canadian citizen since birth, this is not the Canada I grew up in.  Thanks for this letter and my prayer is that the current government will make the changes they promise to do.

Alberta Resident

While I recognize that AHS has the authority and jurisdiction to implement mandates, I believe it behooves us to investigate whether the actions taken were reasonable and based on a full scope picture of data available. My strong belief is that they were not. The degree of censorship, coercion, punishment and discrimination the people in this province have experienced these past two years is abhorrent. So many foundations have been broken – trust in our societal systems has been compromised, potentially beyond repair. We are now reaping the disastrous results of AHS overstepping and wielding power backed by big pharma and the WEF, with no regard to the sacredness of the patient physician relationship, the basic rights of freedom and choice and most of all, the tenet of informed consent. The scientific process was not only ignored, it was trampled. They did not acknowledge any scientific data that did not support their narrative, they refused to entertain any scientific debate and blatantly disregarded the NPIP on numerous counts – masking, deployment of antivirals, communication, naturally acquired immunity, etc. This disregard jeopardized patient care on numerous levels and in numerous ways. The statistics that were used to ‘inform’ the public, were continually manipulated to fit their narrative. When that became impossible, they simply stopped publishing data. In summary there were egregious examples of incompetence or malfeasance and no apparent system in place to prevent it. AHS requires a complete overhaul – one large enough to begin to restore the trust of Albertans as well as to address the inappropriate collusion with the most powerful regulatory colleges.

Allied Health Professional

The responses of health care workers forced upon them by AHS and their various colleges, have instilled a deep distrust of the medical.community into myself and my family. This, paired with the continuing  mask mandate in AHS facilities (I have a mask exemption), has caused me to avoid visiting a hospital or AHS lab unless absolutely crucial. As a Type 1 diabetic, this could spell significant issues with my health.

Retired Teacher (early retirement due to Covid restrictions)

I feel those that were put on forced LOA  due to refusal of the Covid vaccine should get back pay and a letter of apology from AHS for the horrible way they were treated and for the undo stress and discrimination they lived through. I personally  have seen obvious vaccine injuries and didn’t even get a welcome back from my manager when I came back to work after 3.5 months! it was disgraceful and demoralizing. I also was denied religious exemption or EI. The current state of AHS staffing makes myself and many want to leave nursing permanently.

Registered Nurse

The last few years have been the worst of my 25year career.  The morale of EMS and hospital staff has been on a continuous decline for many years, far in advance of the critical covid pandemic. AHS has been top-heavy, with many redundant positions. Many in EMS management, more specifically, are non-supportive, critical, and do not understand (nor seem to want to hear) the distress of the frontline day-to-day operations. Some examples include wait times at hospitals always being a problem and never being fixed(in 25 years!!), changing dispatch methods and flex models that were created by office staff with no input from medics, and forcing staff to remain on active duty despite exceeding well over a healthy, safe duty day.  Within EMS, the attitude of “eat your own” and “sink or swim” has created a toxic environment that has created a disastrous level of burnout and has only exacerbated levels of PTSD among practitioners. The need for getting ambulances back onto the street immediately does not allow practitioners to process what they are exposed to, to decompress and discuss their calls with their coworkers in a safe and supportive fashion.

Further to the already suffering EMS system, the pandemic of misinformation amplified all the toxicity within AHS. The lack of open and educated discussion was overshadowed by scrutiny, censorship, and fear of reprimand. The tyrannical and oppressive mandates created divisiveness and frustration for everyone involved (jabbed and unjabbed). I, personally, was harassed and belittled due to my choices. Colleagues were seen making aggressive and threatening comments online, with others supporting that rhetoric. I wonder how they feel now, knowing that their narrative has been proven false.

I am truly saddened to see the shameful progression of my long-loved profession. Where once I was excited to make a difference and be an example of strength, love, patience and professionalism, now I feel the need to distance myself from this two-faced environment that does not consider humanity with any regard.

I have found forgiveness, however, for those who made their decisions out of fear, knowing that tyranny never wins and love is the only way forward.

I applaud those who can admit their ignorance, who chose to make right their wrongs, and who stand for truth.  Godspeed to humanity!

Advanced Care Paramedic

Informed and voluntary consent is sacrosanct to the provision of any medical services. A large proportion of the Alberta population was vaccinated under duress and coercion. These people were assaulted by the state, we need to publicly recognize this transgression. How much control should the state have over your body?  How about your employer? The restaurant hostess? The gym?  We have collectively lost our minds and need to reengage with the values we built our civilization on. Freedom and autonomy of the individual.

Doctor of Dental Surgery

I’m so thankful for Danielle’s position she’s taken to stand up for us all. I retired in June of this year(by my own choice) and must say the last 2 years have been a challenge emotionally and mentally. My place of employment was considered essential services so I was able to work, however, there was definitely a very different atmosphere in the building than before covid. It was probably 50/50 vaccinated to unvaccinated and I could feel some folks hostility regarding my choice to not take this experimental drug. I applaud our new Premier for her leadership and want to support her no nonsense approach to setting Alberta on the path back to freedom!!

Alberta Resident

Thank you for the courage and integrity you have displayed in your first few weeks Danielle.  The world is watching.  You are a true hero and you are making most in Alberta very proud.

Retired government employee

THANK YOU Premier Smith for standing up for freedom and informed consent! You have our support.

Alberta Resident

I have been an LPN for 40 years and worked through the first 14 months of the pandemic and was then told that I needed to take LOA because I refused to take experimental drug. We wouldn’t have been able to collect unemployment, another dirty move from AHS so I quit my job. Personally I think anybody let go should receive their lost wages due to the ignorance of AHS.

Retired Licensed Practical Nurse

Keep taking out the trash, Danielle! I might just vote for the Cons again. I wasn’t going to, but we can’t let knothead get back in, now, can we?

Trades Renovations

I’m a concerned citizen. I am very concerned that our freedoms are being taken away from us, not only because of the covid vaccine but our Freedom of Free Speach. As a grandmother and a daughter whose father fought for us in the second World War this concerns me greatly.

Alberta Resident

In the last few years, I have seen firsthand the damage caused by AHS in their response to Covid. A doctor, who was willing to treat my close friend, saved his life, even though AHS pushed back against her, and would have allowed my friend to die. She went against the threats of the college of physicians, and provided treatment that saved his life. This doctor was subsequently reprimanded and investigated by the College of Physicians. I had a young and healthy individual that I was working with die suddenly without explanation after having received two of the Covid mRNA jabs. I have reviewed referral(s) that include brain injury caused by the mRNA jab, and specifically identified as such. I have spoken with referring health professionals who have shared in confidence they are seeing excessive permanent covid vaccine injuries in healthy and young individuals that cannot be attributed to, or ‘written off’ as due to alternative causes; and that it is spoken of ‘behind closed doors’ due to the topic being off limits in the AHS culture. I know several healthcare workers who submitted valid religious exemptions that were arbitrarily rejected by AHS administrators without explanation. There are several Alberta Human Rights complaints that have been filed (including my wife) due to religious discrimination based on the arbitrary rejection of bona-fide religious exemptions. I could go on and on but this is all I will say for now. Premier Smith; thank you for your courage to speak truth. It’s been said, “the coward is the one who is afraid to say what everyone else knows and thinks”. Let your words become action. Please also hold the Alberta human rights commission to task so that they will follow through with the multiple human rights violation complaints on religious grounds that have been filed with them against AHS. As of now, it has come to light that, all of those complaints will be handled together rather than on an individual basis, and I fear it is a ruse to toss all of them out; and there has been a new Director of the human rights commission recently installed, which seems suspicious in light of the commission having recently agreed to take on many of these complaints. Please look into this!

Brain Injury Support Worker

From the start of the pandemic, understandably I had more questions than answers. It must have been the same for my peers. For physicians who hold great power and therefore great responsibility, I believed that in times of great uncertainty and crisis that it was imperative that we question, debate, brainstorm, propose solutions albeit flawed, respectfully disagree, and with disciplined minds and hearts maintain, hear and respect a diversity of views and lived experiences. I am embarrassed now reflecting on my naivete. I believed as Canadian physicians caring for our individual patients we had to keep at the forefront, harm reduction, patient autonomy, informed consent and human dignity, but then I experienced the College compel me to disregard patient autonomy and withhold true informed consent. I witnessed immense suffering, morbidity and mortality in my senior patients due to the unintended consequences of lockdown. I was confronted with cold, paranoid suspicion from other doctors when I tried to discuss this. I witnessed increased hospitalizations soon after the vaccine roll out and complete ignorance and unwillingness on behalf of my colleagues to at least correlate and report the vast array of acute illness presenting soon after vaccination. I witnessed a pathetic, passive reporting AEFI system, where poorly trained, biased nurses arbitrarily chose to dismiss most reports. During the time of vaccine scarcity, I witnessed young healthy physicians jump the cue to get the vaccine sooner. I witnessed physicians boast how they helped their young, healthy family members jump the cue as well. I witnessed colleagues degrade and dehumanize vaccine hesitant Albertans in person and on social media. I witnessed many Albertans who were deathly afraid to consult their family doctor or present to ER because they knew they would be belittled and discriminated against. I witnessed hundreds of Albertans, including nurses, police, EMS and physicians who for various valid reasons request exemptions, only to be denied, belittled and many fired (for a vaccine that from the outset was clearly not preventing transmission). I witnessed colleagues who wrote a few medical exemptions have their offices raided by the CPSA and patient charts investigated.  I know colleagues in other provinces who had their licenses suspended for writing ONE medical exemption. I witness tremendous scarcity, inefficiency and waste in healthcare. There are not enough doctors, nurses, EMS, hospital beds and my patients and Albertans suffer tremendously because of that. AHS’s policies implemented through the pandemic exponentiated the scarcity and suffering. I risk having my reputation maligned, my hard earned medical licence suspended and my ability to provide for my family stripped from me for voicing what I witnessed through the pandemic and for advocating for my patients. We have massive, systemic failure of previously trusted regulatory agencies. Through all this turmoil, trying to keep my conscience intact, what I learned is that Canadian physicians are agents of the State. We are compelled to adhere to the government/consensus narrative. We are not allowed to expose inconvenient truths or ask valid scientific questions that challenge the consensus view without having our licenses threatened. It therefore behooves Albertans and Canadians to demand restoration of the sacrosanct Patient-Physician relationship. To restore the hard fought for western value that we do not sacrifice individuals for the ill defined “greater good”. To demand restructuring of AHS and the CPSA so that ideologies and politics do not come before patients. To write into law, the protection of whistle blowers and brave health care workers who criticize government, CPSA and AHS policies. History has taught us that Medicine and Science can only progress and flourish in an environment where doctors and scientists are free to question, debate and challenge. I’ll end with the great truth uttered by Albert Einstein; “Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech”. Great injustices and persecution was instigated, encouraged and lauded by our doctors and politicians.  There needs to be a detailed inquiry, accountability and reconciliation for this.


I am unvaccinated & was truly appalled at the lockdowns, vaccine mandates that were forced on all Albertan’s, Canadians & people of the world when every day was a changing narrative & nothing made any sense. Everything changed daily & was hard to keep up to the things that were being asked of citizens. I applaud Premier Danielle Smith for standing up for our rights & freedom.

Thank you

Alberta Resident

I was one of 31 individuals fired by ATCO all becasue I wanted the right to choose what chemicals were injected into my body.I have been discriminated against, bullied, coerced and treated like a second class citizen! I have lost my income and career and the government has done nothing to protect or defend me in any way! You have a choice, you can just let evil win or you can stand up for those of us who were punished for wanting our basic human rights upheld! The choice is yours but history will remember what you do or do not do so choose wisely!

Union Worker – Operator

I was affected 3 fold during these mandates. I am a Health Information Analyst that works for Quality Improvement at MHRH. I have worked on various projects as a data analyst in my career,  which have  been Provincially and Nationally recognized. I was put on unpaid LOA, my family physician as well as my GI doctor would not grant me a medical exemption given that I am Immune compromised and I felt that taking this vaccine would inhibit my healing process. My 19 yr old, daughter who took her 1st vax in November 2021ended up in EMERGENCY with severe chest pain approx 2 weeks after dose only to be told she likely strained something playing basketball. This is what our heathcare system is doing….minimizing anyone who comes in with chest pain or heart issues, and dismissing the fact that these reactions are REAL and  not RARE! I encourage you Priemiere Smith, to investigate all aspects of how AHS handled this pandemic, and listen to those front line workers. In recent days it has come out that AHS is now wiping records of patients who were admitted for myocarditis. I encourage you to investigate this. The system is crashing and crashing hard!

Certified Health Information Management (CHIM) professional

Danielle, you have my whole hearted support!   You are a breath of fresh air for Calgary, Alberta, Canada and the world!  You will be supported, we have your back,  as I am confident that you have ours.

Sincerely from an freedom loving, truth beholding patriot!

Police – 911 Operator

I pray for you daily. I had Lost all hope until you won your election. This is the last hill of freedom in Alberta, so be strong and stay the course!!


Trades – Shear sharpener

all in with Danielle Smith – Finally someone who stands for liberty and freedom

Paul – Alberta Resident, retired

I believe that our rights of informed consent and freedom were hugely violated. We know there were doctors successfully treating patients with covid-19 using off-label medication. Our health bureaucrats and politicians refused to investigate the true science and many people suffered and died because of it. I’m so disappointed in AHS, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and our politicians who did nothing to investigate the true science and the truth. It is unfortunate to have people with such little integrity in positions of such power and influence.

Alberta Resident – Book keeper

Thank you Danielle Smith for having a brass set of balls and a backbone most men wish they could have.   Thank you for standing up for Albertans. Just remember it only takes one to start this movement.  You will soon have many follow you.  They just need someone to start it.  I applaud you.

Truck Driver

Was forced to leave my position due to unlawful covid mandates.

Anjanette Albert – Support, Environmental Services

The government and AHS management made some major errors with the covid mandates and the people who have had their lives uprooted by the governments and AHS deserve to be heard and compensation for the discrimination, and the losses they have suffered.

Jay Johnson – Information Technology, Technician

You can’t follow the science, when they themsleves had no clue a to how it affected the people. They could only monitor how it use affecting different people. An like it say in the letter, science is there to be questioned, nothing is written in stone.

Eugene Prochinsky – Truck Driver

I’m in my 27th year as a firefighter/paramedic in the province of Alberta. My refusal to comply with the mandatory vaccine policy resulted in a 5 month suspension from my Department. I am still ostracized by my brotherhood to this day. My career, reputation, and mental health have been destroyed.

Brian Follett – Paramedic / Firefighter

I quit my job because of all the sanitizing that had to be done. Not healthy. I objected to be masked all day. I have since retired, feel safer, yet bullied to wear masks where ever I wanted to go. Also the doctors office is pushing the myths not the facts about vaccines, masks and distancing, if I am not sick, just in for a check up and blood work. Kicked out of Canadian Tire for not wearing a mask. We were bullied.

Christy Friesen – Alberta Resident

due to not agreeing with overprotective PPR rules I lost my job as HCA, had to start working in a way lower paid job which I was physically unable to fulfill, what sent me into disability.

I took my “refuge” in a private caregiving job what resulted in a way lower income

Clase – Nurse, HCA in Home Care

Thank you for supporting informed consent in personal health decisions.  My regulatory board considered suspending my license for not wearing a mask.   I currently await a decision from the hearing tribunal after an 8 day hearing process.  The complaints director of my college believes I am guilty of professional misconduct for not being able to wear a mask.

Curtis Wall – Allied Health Professional Chiropractor

I support you 100 percent Daniel Smith and I went to the Edmonton rally. I am so grateful Alberta finally has a fearless leader who will stand up to tyranny and display true leadership. Well done, a great start! Keep on going!

David Meunier – Business owner in green energy tech

I value and stand to fight for MY RIGHTS,Y VIEWS as the government has allowed LGBQ etc.  I as well am A Human With individual needs and lifestyle choices.

Alfred Kitteringham – Construction Heating and Cooling

Thank You so much for being brave and doing what’s right. May GOD richly Bless You.

Donald Miles – Alberta Resident, Laborer

Fired by calgary Scope Society for not consent to the AHS mandatory vaccine policy. My wife and I were both let go without severance. My wife is 50 yrs old and I am 55.

Evan Ostafichuk – Support, Disability worker

Discrimination,  dispirted , anxiety,  forced to do something against my will.

Evelyn Vanbeest – Support Maintenance worker

This needs to happen to get back on a sane, ethical path.

Very grateful for your principled stand.


I, as other Albertans, I was witnessing harassments of people protesting against political/medical injustice and for freedom of speech, shown in videos, which is our constitutional rights and cannot be override for reason. AHS management must be accountable morally and financially for the harm they caused for Albertans.

Aurel Hamran Allied Health Professional Dip. Sports Injury Management, CSMTA Sport Fellow, RMT

I support you 100% Danielle. Keep up the fight for truth, science and freedom.

Helen Holder – P.Eng

I was on of the people who has worked on the covid unit for 2 years. I was put on an unlawful LOA without my consent. I have returned to work after 3 and half month. I still feel like I am being discriminated against by some senior staff. I have filed 2 grievance with my union and still waiting on answer. One grievance I have lost cause of schedule change.

Jamie Hunt – Nurse, Health care aide

As a contractor I’ve been affected by my choice of not being vaccinated

Joe Fraietta – Trades

I noted how inefficiently hospitals are run and the waste of money.  Its seems its the administration at the AHS level that continuously adds more unnecessary paperwork to nurses’ workload.

Ruth Pohl – Allied Health Professional, Nurse

I would like to see the Regional Director of AHS and Board members removed. Informed consent of all procedures and products mandatory. Freedom to speak/ of speech on medical procedures and products. Mask removal and science of Masking made available.

Tim Sharp – Physician, DC

I am extremely grateful that I am retired from pharmacy and have been able to stand against mandatory vaccinations. I am disappointed that many pharmacists have been part of pushing these vaccines.

B Lynne Hoff – Pharmacy BScPharm

Thank you for fighting for our health privacy and freedom, Premier Danielle Smith!

Tanya Kirylchuk – Alberta Resident, Teacher/Farmer

Charges need to be laid for their disregard of people’s rights.

This is a poison injection,  they need to face charges of Crimes against Humanity.

They should be dis allowed using government lawyers or public funds to argue their defense.

If they want to dispute their wrongdoings they can pay for it.

Marcel Prince – Truck Driver, Fuel Hauler

Thank You so much for giving us hope. Be assured that those dissenting your stand and your policies are in the minority and that as you stand strong the majority of we Albertans will be behind you.

Martin – Construction, Carpenter

I was at the hospital the other day and was forced to wear a mask which I refused to do. I think all masking needs to end everywhere as there is abundant evidence that they do not protect from viruses (as is stated right on the boxes). Many studies have also revealed the harmful effects of long term mask wearing and therefore should be optional everywhere including in hospitals. Thank you.

Rochelle Gagnon – Phd Education

Thank you Danielle Smith!!! Keep the pressure on. Our Alberta freedom loving families support you! God bless you.

As a Catholic, wife, mother of five(homeschooler), and power engineer in my pre mom years…we need to gut the rot in our institutions. Our children deserve better, and the time for justice is now.

There can be no healing, until there is justice. And justice involves the guilty and the power hungry, going to jail. Until fortunes made on the backs of the vulnerable and the trivialized are seized and consequences are handed out…this will not be resolved. So much damage has been done, and those that know history, know that we must do better.

Thank you, and please do not waiver!

Roxanne Armstrong – Trades, Mother of five, power engineer.

Thanks to whomever initiated this letter.

As a Registered Nurse of 22 years, trained and worked in Alberta and BC, I’m excited to see the complete overhaul of the healthcare system. We have what it takes to set a healthy foundation for the future of Alberta’s wellness paradigm, including eliminating ALL vaccines from the province of Alberta.


Svetlana DallaLana

RN terminated October 2021 for refusing the mandatory poison (COVID-19 vaccine)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Founder & Healthcare Reform Specialist

Calgary AB Canada

Svetlana Dalla Lana – Registered Nurse

Thank you Health Professionals United.ca

We remain hopeful that ALL CANADIANS would agree that free speech is essential.

Coercion or threat of job loss, travel restrictions for maintaining one’s God given right to body autonomy is CRIMINAL!

Nicholas – Property Owners/Managers

I applaud someone with morals and ethics who is not afraid to stand up against the culture that has been created to silence any opposition to the false narrative.

Our Membership has been subjected to these mandates much like everyone else in the world.

I feel what we have all gone through, to be akin to a Twighlight Zone episode. Every level of governance and power has been manipulated. Those who wish to ask questions are shunned and belittled.

Thank you for having the sand to use your voice in the face of this corrupted web that has been weaved.

Please reach out if you would care to chat. It’s a lonely road, the weight is heavy, but we do not give up.

Thank you for all you are doing, and having the courage that most do not.

STEVE SOUTHWOOD – Union Worker, Business Manager IBEW Local 1007

No to the WEF

Tara Edwards – Alberta Resident, Business owner

My husband and I were both fired from from our jobs at The Calgary Scope Society where we were both employed as Community Support workers. Even though we worked through the worst part of the pandemic and showed up while everyone else was locked down. We also took a significant cut in pay, only to be spat out when we refused the jab after already having had covid (as did our client) as well as a lot of research. We knew back then it didn’t stop spread or transmission. As you can imagine the stress and anguish was incredible. We hoped they would call us back after the mandates were lifted, but they did not. 7 months later I finally got another job, at 1/3 of the pay in my fifties. Almost a year later my husband got work in another field. This did us grievous harm financially and mentally.  Please advocate for us. And thank you for speaking up.

Tara Ostafichuk – Community Support Worker

Thank you Danile Smith for seeing all Albertans’

Brenda Taylor – Administrative, Unit clerk AHS

I was a registered nurse for 33 years.   We were taught that informed consent was one of our core ethics.   A second and equally important ethic was the patients right to choose.    I was shocked at how easily these core values were thrown away because of fear of a virus.   If the medical profession is ever to regain the trust and respect that they lost, we must return to these core values which in essence are respect for people’s rights.

Eva Irwin – I was a RN for 33 years and retired three years ago.

Thrilled with your open comments on your Election as Premier regarding the discrimination of the unvaxxed.

Edith Pitchko – Alberta Resident

Thankyou for your courage.

Tami Ellis – Alberta Resident, Retired physical therapist

It would be prudent for Premier Smith and the Alberta Government to maintain healthy skepticism of policy and science recommendations coming out of Alberta Health Services management and their senior scientists, and including outside academics supporting them. These organizations and individuals have demonstrated unethical bias by unanimously supporting scientifically unproven actions (population suppression strategies and mass vaccination strategies using gene therapy drugs) during the COVID pandemic.

Warren Kindzierski – Retired Associate Professor of Public Health

I support this document. AHS does not give true informed consent for the administration of any vaccine.

Yvonne Nickel – Nurse, Lactation Consultant/Retired PHN

Thank you for standing up for our rights.


Thank you Madame Premier for standing up against vaccine mandates, and the WEF influence in our province and our country.  You are a breath of fresh air and a beacon of hope.

Anna Hoople

Thank you for publicly standing up for the unvaccinated!!


I am so proud and encouraged to have Premier Danielle Smith in the leadership seat.  I have admired her courage and voice of reason when she was on radio. These last 2 years have been one of the scariest years of my life. I was worried if I can provide for my three children or of I have to take an experimental jab?  The hardest part was that  a lot of fellow Canadians participated in the insanity of it all. We were very misled and lied to. 

I truly feel that with Danielle Smith and her team we can show Canada and the rest of the world that Conservative leadership/culture can get us out of this mess that has been created.  

Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you Danielle Smith! 


A Christian, Husband, Father and friend to Others.


AHS has declined to the point where AB citizens are not wanting to go to the doctors/hospitals.  This needs to be fixed now!  Thank you!

Beryl  Jarrett

I have 2 unvaccinated family members who worked C ward in the thick of things! We’re let go when mandates came in, now. back  to work with no back pay!

 I also understand they get no sick pay in their current status, if they are off a day. While vaccinated workers get sick pay, they are still seemingly discriminated!

Bonnie M

Danielle, Thank-you for your apology to the unvaccinated. Please continue to fight for the truth.

Ben Penner

Please never let this happen again. Please see that the government passes legislation so that it does not happen again. Albertans have suffered a great far too much from the Covid lockdowns and restrictions. Those responsible for this travesty need to be held accountable.

Carol Bullock

I totally agree with these statements. The whole pandemic was mishandled.

Evelyn Ironside

Thank you for everything.

Shaun Bulmer

I could not watch my son play his school sports because of the lockdowns that had no scientific basis and caused more harm than good. Especially suicides in young people

Shelley Clarke

Those who forced these draconian mandates need to be held accountable. It’s a crime against humanity. It needs to end permanently.

Donna Steeden

Freedom please.

dave huynh

I fully support everything that’s in this letter! Very well written. I sincerely hope that Danielle Smith can make a difference!

Dawn Mantle

Concerned to say the least

Don Regenwetter

Thank you so much for everything you are doing!

Denise Torpe

May God bless you all for standing up for truth no matter the cost!

Karen Fritz

I believe that everyone pushing the narrative of covid and pushing the vaccine should be held liable!  And Hinshaw should be fired and have to pay back her ‘bonus’ and charged criminally!  And no pension should be given!


After listening to many doctors early on that were concerned about mass vaccinating and stating it wasn’t a good idea, I felt something wasn’t right.  When the government was pushing the vaccines and giving people gift cards, etc.  then I really knew something was up.  The gov’t never gives anything for free and it wouldn’t be free as the taxpayers were paying for those gift cards.  I did a lot of research and it seemed pretty clear to me this was not about protecting people but rather making people sicker so they would rely on big pharma  to protect them when they really were not.  I have to say since this whole Covid thing started I have lost all faith in the health care system.  I have now turned to  holistic methods.

Marti Heintz

Unfortunately I have chosen to walk away from my plus 20yr career with AHS. The stress and discrimination was to much. I loved my career and wanted to retire as a Healthcare worker.

Theresa Forsyth – Nurse, Psych Aide

My daughter though loved her job working with seniors refused to follow the narrative and mandates. Was told to go home!


The way the unvaccinated were treated can never happen again. The lack of empathy and compassion was sickening. My trust is forever broken in healthcare workers.

Jim Adrian

It’s ridiculous the amount of discrimination that the Frontline workers that refuse to get vaccinated I had to endure hardship the loss of jobs losing their homes so much more what you said was completely correct I hope you can fix Alberta

Pat Malcolm

After 28 years working frontline in treatment centers with youth, I lost my career as I refused this unsafe experiment. I had a medical exemption signed by the Chief of Staff Doctor in my area and my upper management refused to acknowledge it and flat out refused it. It was totally acceptable that I acquired Covid from a jabbed staff at my employment. But I was too unsafe to work.

Lori Beniuk

I am born and raised Albertan. Keep fighting the good fight!

Shelly Litke

AHS management must be accountable.

Lam Mrochuk

Thank you premier Smith

Lori Pollock

No individual should ever be forced to take an experimental vaccine.


I totally agree with all these valid points..I would add the word government “sanctioned” discrimination! Also I’m not against fast tracking immigrant heath care workers to be able to join the workforce..but jobs should be offered 1st to all the nurses that were dismissed with apology..even compensation! The top administrators could take a cut in salary for a year or so to cover that.

Darlene A Michener

I would like to reiterate my support for you and your current position. I would also like to state firmly, that so many of us who were so vilified over the past 2-1/2 years for doing our research and determining that our health care leaders, employers and political leaders for whatever reason were either woefully misinformed or deliberately trying to mislead us need to see justice and accountability from those people in positions of authority. I cannot overstate that politicians who were elected have badly misled our citizens and sadly failed them no matter the reason. They have only made pathetic excuses and accepted zero responsibility. This must be addressed. I implore you to help us address this in a real and meaningful way.

Michelle Houston

This plandemic needs to be exposed and all the people responsible need to held you account !

Helen Wowk

I would like to be compensated for my forced time off.

Jacqueline  Powell

It has been very expensive to get PCR tests to travel and very frustrating to be required to isolate for 14 days when we were perfectly healthy. Bullying by AHS and others is not acceptable.

Anna Solbak

Fire Chief XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is captured and compromised and must be removed from his position. There has never been a more divisive and integrity lacking fire chief in the City of Calgary. Any other Calgary Fire Chief who were just following orders must also be held accountable.

City of Calgary mayor XXXXXXXXXXXX is captured and compromised and must be removed from her position. She did not bring the city together at its most trying time, she made a deliberate effort to tear our communities apart further by advocating for the unjabbed to loose their freedoms.

The medical doctors, pharmacists, and nurses who towed the line must be help accountable and legally reprimanded in the way in which they would have been during Nuremberg.

Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) management (XXXXXXXXXX & XXXXXXXXX) must be held accountable. They were provided with ample evidence that the COVID response (lockdowns, masks, vaccine being unsafe) was not justified by the data. They must be held accountable in the same way the doctors and nurses who towed the line would have been during Nuremberg.

Last but certainly not least, all mainstream legacy media must be held to account for their lies and outright deceit to the ignorant public. They are at the top of the list of who requires the heaviest hand of the law for their divisive, dishonest, and fear-mongering coverage of what has happened since the plandemic began.


Return freedom to Albertans.

Alberta Resident

The AHS needs to be examined in the same fashion as Twitter employees and Elon Musk.


Cudos to you Ms Smith. Admire your strength.

Allied Health Professional – Physical Therapist

I filed a Human Rights complaint against AHS Vanguard Shepherds Care during the lock downs for preventing me to visit and care for my 90 year old mom. She then was admitted to the hospital just when the province & AHS lifted mandates. I could now go visit her in the hospital but when I attended her assisted living residence she pays $2600.00 out of her own pocket for to attend a meeting with all her health care professionals regarding her health and care. When I walked in the building and refused to comply to rapid testing, or passports, they threatened to call the polivlce. I told the manager Ashley I will sue her persinally and show me my mom’s rental agreement and their policy contract since the mandates were lifted , they had none. They let other people and staff come in the door and never checked them. I mentioned they were recorded and I am contacting my lawyer. Suddenly they call me two hours later I was no linger a risk I could visut my mom. They are still enforc8ng this crap and need to be investigated yesterday already!


I along with other colleagues felt coerced to take a vaccine or there would be consequences and was forced to either provide proof of vaccination to continue working (even from home) or provide proof of negative test which cost me $60-$80 weekly with no option of reimbursement. My personal medical information was entered into a GoA compliance tracker. I had no choice unless I wanted to take unpaid leave or be terminated. Please stop this madness and right the wrongs that have been done to many others across this province!

Social Worker

Forced to get experimental vaccine that has now proven to be ineffective as predicted. Mental Health, professional life, home life, all effected negatively.


Premier Smith we applaud you for the action you’re taking to change the course of our province

Alberta Resident Retired small business owner

We need to take back this province.

Construction Foreman

I agree.

Functional Safety

Thank-you. This has impacted far more than health care. All Albertans should have free choice. The division is staggering the effects far reaching.

Alberta Resident – Realtor

Where was the science that indicated we needed to be put on leave for 3 months and then were all of a sudden safe to come back? We were broken down and upon our return not excited to come back. My trust in AHS is completely gone. Colleagues turned against us along with family members and friends. So much healing yet to do from this. So much abuse people have endured all for not taking an injection of something that doesn’t prevent you from getting a virus and has resulted in irreversible neurological/cardiac/autoimmune issues in people and death. Safe and effective, such a lie.

Diagnostic Imaging

Fundamental human rights have to include the right to bodily autonomy for all citizens.  Forced trials on the human population were already denounced internationally with the Nuremberg code.  Forced medical procedures or foreign substances without real consent are the highest degree of assault.

Alberta Resident

Stand up for rights!!!

Alberta Resident – Financial

I stand fully in support of this letter.

Resident Physician

AHS was given money for ICU beds before the pandemic.

Rehabilitation Care Worker

Get rid of the Carbon tax l had the shut one truck down Because I couldn’t afford a fuel for it anymore get rid of mandatesI believe it’s peoples choice to get vaccinated or not

Truck Driver

Albertans deserve freedom to make there own medical decisions. Dont let the Woke left influence you at all. Be strong!!

Alberta Resident Sales Professional

I was harassed, discriminated against and severely bullied. I am now on the stress leave for the past year. I have worked at my facility for 15 years with no discipline. I came to work when I was there I ended up going home because I started to not feel good and then later tested positive for Covid. After my return I was suspended for a week with no pay for coming to work. This really affected my family and it was all done by management because they are not happy that I would not comply with the vaccine mandate.


After two years of feeling like a,second- class citizen, you have given me hope. Thank you. Do not let us down.


I am in full support of this document and Premier Smith

Alberta Resident Educator

I’m in full support to bring back and returning to following the people of Canada human rights and constitution. To stop this Canadian Government Overreach, getting to the bottom of the lies and holding them to account for their unjust actions toward Canadian population. To be able to choose my own health requirements and be able to have my doctors decide treatment without any interference of governments. Thank You to the new Alberta Government for standing up for the people of Alberta.

Alberta Resident

Hi there,

My name is Jay, founder of the #31strong. We are former ATCO employees who were terminated unjustly for not complying with their company vaccine policy. We are sorry for what has happened to you and co-workers and wish to send a message of support. From our families to yours, we know how difficult this has been and would like to offer any support we can. As essential workers, we worked through the pandemic without concern for our safety. Duty bound we found ourselves facing termination for what we knew was an experimental gene therapeutic. Our lives irreparably changed in an instant.  We know our fight is a long and arduous journey, but stories like yours give us hope. We are stronger together.

Please reach out if there is anything we can do to help.

Stay strong, Jay, #31strong 


Trades – Former distribution operator field at ATCO

Discrimination in any way, shape or form should never be tolerated! discriminating due to medical choice is absolutely unacceptable. Ethically to treat people different because of this is wrong on so many levels. A patient always has a right to choose, or refuse medicine or medical treatment without coercion manipulation, bribing or bullying. Our medical system no longer acknowledging the innate / natural immunity is very concerning to me.

Nurse LPN

I am writing in support of unvaccinated health care employees.


I did an early retirement because of the masks which I couldn’t wear and the Vaccine Mandate that I wouldn’t comply with.

Administrative – Admitting Clerk

I have seen first hand how families have been traumatized and demoralized over the decision to take the jab or not! Family relationships have been destroyed, our values , ethics , morals have been eradicated in our homes, at workplaces, at churches, in our education systems ,, in recreational facilities,  in our businesses, places of lEarning a livelihood,
Our resources,our mental health has deteriorated far below any expectations, whereas, addictions have soared to great , unbelievable heights, coupled with homelessness, and suicide rates!
 Thank you, Danielle, for taking this stand,  for our children, AND for all Albertans and All Canadians!! 

I pray you have Ralph Kleins stamina !
I know you are tenacious!
I am behind you and pray we can all support you knowing full well if we do not, we are ALL sunk!

Our Edmonton and Calgary mayors need a huge shake up and the tourist town mayor  that’s testing digital ID also needs a wake up call, as I’m certain he is not in tune with the 2030 Agenda!

God bless you and give you strength, courage and discernment  to keep  and build  Alberta as a leader to Sovereignty!
I know you can do it!
We are standing behind you all the way!!

My warmest regards,
God bless you!

Ps I am sending this out to my 386 cousins !! M!

Alberta Resident – Former Westview board member elected 3 terms

Our rights have been violated through corrosion, by taking our freedoms away , our jobs,, travel, as well as   putting unfounded mandates on the health care professionals and professionalism that were detrimental to patients.  Also misleading information regarding the covid jabs

Other Mining

There are far too many layers of management at AHS! Surveys and questionaries are done of site managers and frontline staff but are systematically ignored.
The government must end the abuse of “emergency measures” which gives them the power to over ride the individual rights and freedoms of all Canadians!

Diagnostic Imaging – Medical Radiation Technician

I also was thrown under the bus for 6 months

Canada Post Employee

I caught my manager abusing payroll in that she was getting paid her regular pay ( like she was at work) when in reality she was on vacation! this happened numerous times and she was taking payouts from her enormous vacation pay every 3-4 months..even her manager was in on it as she had to approve them all.. blatent misuse of taxpaying dollars! then i mysteriously got fired for a ‘questioning text’ i sent to someone i hadnt worked with in 10 years.. she showed it to the big boss, and i was fired instantly! i guess HR doesnt have to get ahold of me now for the managers unethical misuse of her payroll

Administrative – Unit Clerk

Agree with everything in the letter.

Alberta Resident

Excellent letter, thank you so much for doing this. It is truely time to wake up and wake others up!! before it’s too late.

very concerned mother, grandmother and educated well on this topic

Thank you for standing up for Alberta.

Retired Albertan

Thank you for standing up for us.

Alberta Resident

Forced vaxxed in order to keep working.
Very unfair, the federal liberal government denied all recourse of an individual to allow for exemptions.  It has been the biggest discrimination group of people (all nationalities, genders, colours etc…) ever.

Administrative – Unit clerk

Thank you


I totally support this letter and Danielle Smith. As one of the people who remains unvaccinated, and yes I have never seen or experienced this type of discrimination in 53 years of nursing. AHS continually will not take responsibility for their actions for the degrading our health care system.
Recently a Together 4 Health Nursing Workforce Strategy was sent to us by AHS to resolve the healthcare situation (my words) instead of taking responsibility of the mess they have caused.

The following pre-empts the survey: AHS is developing a Nursing Workforce Strategy to identify actions we can take to address challenges and opportunities. With our nursing workforce. To do this, we need your input.
The steps we take today are critical to our future and we cannot take them without you. Whether you are new to AHS, mid-career or near retirement, your everyday experience as a nurse, nurse manager or educator can inform where we go next.
(My words! we have been trying for years to tell AHS, but they haven’t been listening. You can :
                          1, TAKE THE SURVEY
                          2. HAVE A QUESTION?

And there is more but it just makes me angry. More wasting of time/money to continue pretending they had nothing to do in destroying our system


Nurse – Employee at Peter Lougheed Hospital

Discrimination happens in many ways and yes the unvaccinated have been discriminated against. I truly hope Premiere Smith that you will follow through with your promise to look after Albertans. It’s time our elected officials do what they were voted in to do and not be bought off.

Alberta Resident


Alberta Resident

ivermectin has been proven to work on covid. i would like an investigation on why Drs. are not allowed to prescribe it.


I hope my voice is making changes in Alberta Health Service. I will never forget the discrimination from my employer, AHS needs to apologize for all unvaccineted employees and pay compensation for Three months, that they were put on a leave of absence. Thank you Danielle Smith Premier of Alberta for your support.

Nurse Assistant

agree totally.


Very well written and sited. Thank you for work you’ve put into this. I strongly support all items addressed in the letter.

Alberta Resident

I have refused the jabs because there is tons of evidence available that it has caused a lot of deaths and other serious reactions.

Retired 89 year old resident

The GOA, AUPE, and Alberta Human Rights Commission and all those who supported them  acted the way certain parties in Germany in the 1930s acted. Ray Gilmore, Cynthia Farmer, AUPE representatives et al. I do not forgive their actions. I hope the day comes when they are treated the same way and get a generous taste of their own medicine. The trauma those of us who were faithful GOA employees endured as a result of the despicable treatment by the GOA and their cohorts remains to this day. 13 years as a faithful employee and I was treated like diseased garbage (yet amazingly have not once been sick with covid in the last 2 years) while my religious beliefs were put on display to be judged by a bunch of paid off cold hearted, nameless, faceless bureaucrats that his behind cowardly emails and “committees”. Shame on the GOA! May you all receive the same dispicable treatment you so enthusiastically dished out on others. God is real. And he will judge fairly. I hope you are prepared to give an account of your actions.

Michelle Buchanan – Social Worker

I would like this to be expanded to include freedom around all vaccinations not just Covid.

Thank you

Alberta Resident – Self employed

Thank you for all that you have done and all that you aim to do, so something like this never happens to us ever again!

Trades – Indoor air quality specialist

I support this letter.

Alberta Resident

I would like a choice as to whether we get the jab or not , they should not be mandated . This jab is crispr technology which is not safe for anyone . They have not perfected it as of yet , this is a trial .it should have never been mandated ! The jab injuries are real , we need to get this out of our country .

Alberta Resident Covid jabs

Just want the choice of what I put in my body without discrimination and punishment.


The truth of the vaccines not stop transmission or actually work should be made public and hospitalizations by vax status as well

Truck Driver

Don’t forget that private meetings and documents were distributed to physicians instructing and forbidding them not to prescribe actual proven medicines like Ivermectin or they would lose their license. AHS should be sued for harming people unnecessarily.

Alberta Resident

The tyrannical treatment of seniors in care facilities is reprehensible, and their isolation and forced “medical” treatment, is horrifying. More MUST be done to facilitate continuing care in their homes and familiar communities, instead of institutionalization.  I would now, after what happened during the “pandemic”, be terrified to be locked into such a place.

Alberta Resident – Retired teacher

Love the letter and embedded scientific evidence provided! Love the support for Danielle and her courage to speak the truth!

We want to applaud you for standing up for tyranny in all it’s forms.

Alberta Resident

Down with AHS wrongful stipulations.

Support – Nurse

I’d like to thank those who drafted this letter and would like to add: that pastors and others have been wrongfully charged,  jailed, mistreated and threatened while in jail and charged heavy and unreasonable fines. These fine were higher and not even comparable to horrendous crimes that have been committed in past or during the present last 3 years.
  This has to be rectified. Those who have suffered need to be vindicated and reimbursed. Also punitive damage charges must be  laid against the perpetrators of these crimes against Albertans. I hope the Honourable Premier Danielle Smith will act wisely and swiftly to ensure this never happens in our province again and addresses it in Ottawa to see it never happens in or country again.
     Also I hope our sky, air, water and land will also be protected from those who are seeking to bring harm to us all. For we know this has been done in the past.
Thank you for reading my concerns.

Alberta Resident

We continue to fight for freedom and build hope for the present and future, to be thoughtful and caring.  Would love to see the fake news and ads that show up on the screen, that manipulate and create fear towards the unvaccinated. Education needs to be truth, it seems the federal continues to try to miss lead.

Thank you for standing up for albertans.

Alberta Resident – Clergy

Dear Premier Smith, I would like to see a judicial inquiry to examine the whole pandemic debacle to see if criminal charges may be called for,  for those responsible for the flagrant violation of the charter protected rights of Albertans. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Alberta Resident – Locksmith

We, the public are not puppets, or guinea pigs.  We deserve to be able to trust health care procedures.


I am against the jab 100%


I applaud these front line workers for standing up and speaking the truth. These past two and a half years have been dreadful for our front line workers making them choose between working or not working if they did not want this poisons vaccine.  I have never witnessed in my life time such corruption and evil doings.

Alberta Resident

Glad to see the truth is Finally coming out!


Thank you from the depths of my heart, Honourable Premier Danielle Smith!

I know that we must protect Alberta’s interests, and that is your strength. My hope is that Alberta can not only gain back our rights, but lead Canada (and the world) towards a more transparent future.

I feel that with you (Premier Danielle Smith) at the helm, Alberta could redefine healthcare, free speech, liberty, and truth in Canada.

  • Start by remodelling AHS
  • Restructure vaccine injury reporting and transparency
  • Run a thorough risk/benefit analysis on each covid vaccine which details age brackets, both genders, all adverse reactions, vaccine efficacy, efficacy duration; and continue the study for the next 5-10 years with semi-annual (more is better!) data releases
  • Prevent the federal government’s assisted suicides and abortions from being so easily accessed by Albertans and instead provide support to the individuals and the foster system.
  • Stop all Critical Race and/or Gender Theory approaches in Alberta Public Schools and limit them to optional classes or programs which can be easily opted out of.
  • Slow purchases from other provinces or countries, and start making public requests, bursaries, or loans for people willing to start or grow an industry in Alberta which is needed to keep funds in the province.
  • Advocate for truth, and keep up the good fight!
Taylor Gittins, Alberta Small Business Owner

I have watched health care workers being discriminated against. My own family members forced to take the shot or not be allowed to practice. The narrative that AHS spun out to those willing to take the shot to keep their jobs was that this was the right thing to do and they were helping others. Many of them were traumatized by the original numbers of Covid
Patients that came in the door and they were forced to follow the treatments that were unsafe for their patients or face the consequences.
Alberta Health Services is a corporation outside
of the government, that has used the name Alberta to fool most people into thinking they are part of the government. They need to be dissolved or done away with. They miss-manage funds and pay their elite top staffers huge amounts of money. Most per patient paid doctors took huge salary hits while the on staff doctors and the research doctors tie up the system by seeing a minimal amount of patients. Former health care MLA’s in charge of health care were
Corrupt. The NDP representative and Shandro.
The latter raised health care insurance so high that doctors had to let their hospital privileges go. All the while the insurance company that his wife still runs was set to make a fortune off of doctors. Patients suffered under his dictates.

Janet Marr

I am 63 years old & a native Calgarian. In all my years I never thought I would see & endure what I have seen the last few years. I had friends bully me about not taking the vaccine & what was I going to do if I wasnt even allowed to go outside. I saw other provincial leaders, our current Mayors & saw leaders of other Countries discuss removing the rights to services for the unvaccinated. A year ago I saw a few letters to the editors about how the unvaccinated should not be allowed to get medical treatment or access to Health Services. The biggest fear was seeing our Prime Minister writing off the unvaccinated & calling us extremists & having fears I would lose my pension if I didnt get vaccinated. Until the last year I had never joined any political party, because there really wasnt anything pressing to motivate me to do so. Now I have joined & donated to parties on both the Provincial & Federal level because I never dreamed there would be such threats to the way of life & freedom I was brought up all my life with.

As we pull out of this endemic, I have never seen so many Politicians Policies make no sense & lead so many people to hardships globally we havent seen for generations. I believe Danielle will make some solid common sense decisions. WEF is real & is a threat. I would like to see Alberta begin to treat ourselves like our own little Country, creating manufacturing, farming, producing clean energy & providing a life style free of the elite agendas happening in the world. When the word gets out, other Canadians will come to live here & join us. Many of us have been silent too long, its time we take a stand. We finally have some warriors in Danielle & Pierre to rally behind.

Mortgage Financial Advisor

Any Medical Treatment , evasive or not must only and always be administered with the consent of the Patient. This is a fundamental right that shall never be manipulated or corrupted under any circumstances . Every Person is intitled to their views and their choices regarding their Body and Beliefs. Let no man or woman coerce another by means of manipulation or bullying. Having a choice, especially one that is medically directed, is one of the most important freedoms that we have. We as a society, can never afford to lose that. Ever.

Trades – Material Engineering

It’s far past time for the truth. AHS has knowingly and intentionally committed assault and Democide by gene mod jab. They need to be held to account. I sent tons of information to AHS HR early in 2021 about what was going on. I heard nothing but crickets from them. Some doctors in my clinic are not connecting the dots!!! Other top brass know exactly what they are doing!

Administrative AHS Clinic

End of 2019 coming back from overseas holidays hearing about covid in China,with The risk of a pandemic.I started studying all aspects of SARS cov1,studies released,vaccines tried and negative outcomes of RNA vaccines.RSV etc.The perception that the world was going into another system where the WHO started making the rules affecting the freedoms of democratic countries.Donald Trump rattling the globalist agendas with America first,made me to believe that this was the globalist plan to activate agenda 2030 sooner then planned, due to Trumps rise.Lui Li et al 2019 discribes what the disastrous outcome has been with mRNA animal studies.Antibody dependant enhancement,viral escaping and Vaccine induced immuun deficiency proven now by Israel,Portugal and UK outcomes.South Africa have proven the opposite due to low vaccination uptake.My concerns were  growing when the monograms of the RNA gene therapy did not disclosed all the ingredients,no animal studies,no long term side effects,gene  altering,cancer ,fertility etc .I started disclosing these by informed conscent to my patients and got calls from the college several times informing me this vaccine was safe and effective,and i had to send them my prove which i did.Monographs was changed from Jan 2020 to hide original informaton.The PCR test was used with cycles  of 45 ,which the Corman Drosten report showed will have a false positive rate of 95%,which was not accepted by Health Canada or FDA.Used under the emergency act.WHO confirmed these on21/1/21.These could not be answered by the college.I was in a hospital working in a covid ward for 2 years when i was  forced to take a LOA.I was not willing to take the gene therapy due to already know side effects.Pfizer and the FDA was forced to release 50000 pages of literature which they wanted to keep hidden for 75 years.1220 people dead first 3/12 of vaccine.27 out of 28 pregnancies ended in miscarriges or stillbirths.9 pages of severe side effects of special interest.The CPSA and AHS stated its safe and effective by weekly emails to us,radio and television advertisements.Dr Tam,Hinshaw,politicians stating the same.Collegues suddenly reporting us to the CPSA for not toeing the narritive .We will be the reason for outbreaks,spreading the virus.We were outcasts,none of us scientific opinion backed up by scientific data from Israel,UK,Sweden,South Africa mattered.Alot of nurses came to me for exemptions and was targeted by the College to dc my exemptions.There was docter clinics raided,patient files screened for ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine prescribed without the patients conscents.Names  of docters on a college printout put up in waiting rooms stating ” This docter is not permitted to write exemptions”.Long term care forced us the unvaccinated no entry to these facilities after been caring for these patients 10 years,through the  pandemic.Suddenly an outcast.Patients did not had the right to choose their docter but forced to accept a vaccinated DR.Now we see a 40 percent increase in world wide mortality.Increase in cancers and sudden adult deaths.Increased death in vaccinated patients due to predicted outcomes in 2005,2019 studies.Increase in myocarditis in children and young men.1 out of 44 subclinical miocarditis in Thailand study.Increase in all case mortality 16-45years increased to 40 percent in the last 6 months.All predicted.Then J Small came out,Director of Pfizer,”In the name of science we never tested the so called vaccines to prevent spreading or infection”.Really!So why have we been prevented from going to our work,LTC’s,hospitals,unable to go to restaurants etc.Forced to get a QR code because Justin Tredau made it up?No scientific prove!All lies,from the WHO,Tam,Hinshaw,AHS.The psycological damage to children,families,geriatrics who  was locked up like animals in their facilities,and died alone because of a lie.Everyone needs to sit and look at the big picture.People were lied to to take an experimental gene therapy,against the Neurenburg code,now having physical mental scars ,families destroyed by children commiting suicide,marriages destroyed because of lies!!Us the unvaccinated and the vaccinated needs to take hands and get to the bottom of this agenda.Those who lied to us needs to be charged with genocide against all that have lost someone.Poisinous drugs like remdesivir known to cause kidney and liver failure in scientific data ,not recommended by WHO in December 2021,still used in our  ICU’s.Why?It causes kidney failure,heartfailure  and death.I will end this by saying God will judge everyone that was involved in this.

Physician – GP

This needs to be addressed. So many innocent people discriminated against for standing up for what the believe.  The ‘science’ has been proved incorrect, so have the media stories, government statements, and more. AHS needs to be held accountable, so does our government, they need to be pulled from power. The connection to WEF is extremely concerning and needs to be cut.

Elementary School Teacher

I have fibromyalgia, and was told by a pain specialist to never get a vaccine or it could cause a serious, debilitating  flare up.  I could not get a medical exemption because anaphylaxis was the only recognized condition.  This decision made by AHS and our government was discriminatory. 

I couldn’t visit my 93 year old Mom for 18 months!  We both cried when we finally could. I have watched her decline physically, and she was always very active and healthy.

I have never had COVID, as proven by antibody testing, but so many vaccinated coworkers, their families and friends have.  What risk was I, the one who stayed COVID free, because I followed the FLCC protocol to stay healthy?  Even when my common-law spouse got very sick with Covid I did not.

My daughter, a double vaxxed remote nurse working in Northern BC had to be life flighted out due to COVID.  The shots did not keep her from nearly dying!

Politics has to stay out of medicine  & mandates and Doctors must be able to treat their patients as they see fit. What has occurred has been barbaric, and some people are still living in fear because the media, government and pharma have colluded.

Please stay the path, and do not back down.

Thank you.

Alberta Resident

I am nurse of over 12 years and my eyes have always been somewhat open, but now I am seeing clearer than I ever wanted to.

We have lost so much over the last couple years. Medical ethics no longer exists. With the Covid vaccine we have lost the ability to make health decisions without coercion. Informed consent thrown out the window. The backbones of nursing lost because of a virus that was touted to be devastating.  ethics and morals laid to the side.

I know personally of many people with severe adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine. A friend died. Another two had strokes and blood clots. Another can no longer get out of bed because of cardiac complications. Another has crippling anxiety. The list goes on. Now I see devastating medical issues in patients post vaccination…but they are largely ignored.

My situation is unique. I do not need to work for income. I am a nurse because I love what I do.

But I do not love AHS. I do not love what our medical system has become. I do not love the divide I see in staff who were given the tools and “right” to demean and demonized those who made vaccination decisions different than their own (and at great cost!). I care for my coworkers but so many were fed information that was blatantly untrue. Critical thinking and judgment has been also ridiculed. You do what AHS says and don’t you dare ask questions.
I see critical staffing issues, non-existent morale and a sick care system that is failing. Where is health promotion? Healthy eating. Exercise. Relationship building.

I have young children. They have lost much because of the choice we made to keep our medical autonomy. What will their future look like if our society continues down this dangerous path?

Please. Every medical choice should be that. A choice. Not at the cost of your body, your job or your family.

Registered Nurse 10+

Effective, cheap, early treatment for Covid was available early on as seen by protocols developed by Drs Peter McCullough, Zelenko, Fareed & Tyson and many others. See CanadianCovidCareAlliance.org. It’s outrageous that people with Covid were deliberately told to stay home til they couldn’t breathe, instead of doctors being educated and empowered to give these cheap, available treatments that were highly effective when used.


I was forced to take an unpaid LOA for not taking the V. Ironically my peers voted employee of the month just the month prior. I applied for a religious exemption but was not told why it was rejected. I could not go see my mom who’s in a nursing home, go out for dinner or to the gym. It was a very scary time. AHS needs to be accountable for how we all faced discrimination at their hand.

Allied Health Professional – Recreation Therapist

Thank you Premier Smith for speaking on our behalf.  The tyranny by which AHS operated during the pandemic was despicable.  Many healthcare workers who chose to exercise their right to decide what they put in their bodies suffered immensely.  We are grateful to finally have a premier to stand up for us!

Nurse oncology

Ruthlessly terminated from legal job at Dentons Canada LLP. Was told by our Managing Partner I had better carry my credit card in my back pocket when I go to the hospital with covid.

Cathy D – Alberta Resident

My husband worked for AHS for 30 years in inborn errors of metabolism at the ACH.  The first 20 years he was proud of Alberta’s world class health care.  The last ten years, he became increasingly more distressed (and depressed) as AHS and the unions changed the focus from quality care for patients to a numbers game where work was limited to what was requested and could not include observations that might assist with diagnosis.  Quality became irrelevant.  He was not able to speak publicly about what he saw (a condition of employment).  He passed away some years ago so now I can speak on his behalf.

He was working when Ralph Klein asked health care workers to take a salary cut.  He agreed that costs had to be brought under control so he agreed with a salary cut.  At the same time, middle management within AHS was to be reduced.  So on a Friday, middle management staff at the ACH left the old hospital building, presumably with severance packages.  On the following Monday, they walked back into the building as employees of the new regional health authority with, he was told, higher salaries and paid parking.  So much for the sacrifice by the employees who took salary cuts.

ACH employees resisted unionizing.  Finally, the HSAA got another vote on the matter, but this time all HSAA members were allowed to vote, not just ACH employees.  Unionizing of ACH employees was approved.  The first thing that happened was HSAA, which at that time went to great lengths to not call themselves a union, decided that the educational standards underlying classification of the people in my husband’s research lab were unfair and eliminated them.  As a result, all of the techs in his lab now earned the same salaries.  Step one in bringing everything down to the lowest common denominator. 

Then a project was brought in where work units were assigned.  In this process, patients became clients and anything other than the requested tests was not to be reported.  This in a research lab where the most common diagnosis was ‘failure to thrive’ and doctors were reaching out, more or less blindly, for clues as to the reasons.  What had been painstakingly built up as a world class research lab was being reduced to a service lab with its hands tied.  As far as I can tell, the reduction in the quality of care has continued unabated.  Curiously, most doctors no longer look for reasons for patient’s complaints; they seem to only look for ‘bandaid’ solutions that will quiet the patient for a while.

As for ambulance services, a paramedic neighbour used to tell us 20 years ago about the number of days when no ambulances were available in Calgary.  The ambulances were being held at hospitals then because they could not discharge their patients.  So problems with ambulance services have been around for a very long time.  The reason is not a lack of vehicles but a lack of hospital beds – or possibly ER staff to move patients out of beds in the ERs.  After all, AHS blew up the General Hospital and never replaced that number of beds.  The new ACH has only one or two more beds than the old ACH.  Most of the space in the new ACH and the South Calgary Health Campus is taken up with offices, not beds for patients.  After the province gave AHS a substantial amount of money for new ICU beds during the pandemic, AHS just recently announced that two or three ICU beds had been created.  AHS management needs to go.  It’s taken them 25 years, but they have ruined what used to be a good health care system.

Kathryn Carter – Alberta Resident, Barrister & Solicitor; prior to my legal career, I was a registered blood bank tech.

I have never in my life imagined I would witness such atrocities in a modern 1st world developed and highly educated country.  Our governments, politicians, health systems and policies have been breached and corrupted by greed.  The people no longer have choice but to come together at the grass roots level upward to develop a new platform of leadership that is immune to corruption!
We can do better; we have the education, the skill, the technology and the compassion needed to rebuild!

Connie Koch – Counselling Addictions Retired

Trudeau should be euthanized and all the medical geniuses who think they can go kill anyone fuckers

Kelly James – Trades, Farmer

Our health system is a joke, I do not trust it at all! Clean it up, and hold all accountable involved in this genocide!!!!

Paul Kruizenga – Alberta Resident

As a unvaccinated Alberta resident and municipal government worker, I was restricted from accessing my own work place and other public facilities such a restaurant or gym without first supplying a negative PCR test, which included personal out of pocket costs to procure. Ironically, I had to surrender my gym membership (which is for personal health and well-being) because I could not afford the added monthly cost of paying for recurring PCR testing several times a week. Which would have cost about $320/ month just for the PCR testing.

Dean McMullan – Alberta Resident, Municipal Government Employee

As a unvaccinated Alberta resident and municipal government worker, I was restricted from accessing my own work place and other public facilities such a restaurant or gym without first supplying a negative PCR test, which included personal out of pocket costs to procure. Ironically, I had to surrender my gym membership (which is for personal health and well-being) because I could not afford the added monthly cost of paying for recurring PCR testing several times a week. Which would have cost about $320/ month just for the PCR testing.

Dean McMullan – Alberta Resident, Municipal Government Employee

Ruthlessly terminated from legal job at Dentons Canada LLP. Was told by our Managing Partner I had better carry my credit card in my back pocket when I go to the hospital with covid.

Cathy D – Alberta Resident

Thank you for standing up to medical terrorism.

Byron Christopher – Journalist

Corrupt and evil AHS staff that clearly overstepped the boundaries need to be held accountable and punished accordingly.

Andrew Heyboer