December 12 Update

Dec 12: Hello everyone, There’s a few actions taking place in different groups, each of which sound important and need addressing, and relaying to everyone. Each are wordy and have similar yet different approaches. We hope each and every person can share respond to these individually (if not already done so) and share as wide … Read more

November 22 Update

Notes from Fight4frontline live stream: Derek will be filing an injunction in about a week, just before the Nov 30 deadline.  He thinks AHS’ defense will be section 1 of the constitution, which basically states that in an emergency they can impose the vaccine mandates.  Derek’s focused opposition will be that section 1 has limitations, … Read more

November 12 Update

Anyone who has received a refusal for their medical or religious exemptions must grieve the outcome to their LRO within 10 days of receiving their denial letter. Do NOT wait!

November 8 Update

Good morning everyone, The website has been updated with the most recent changes and instructions since our meeting with Derek From. Everyone should call their union office and find out the SPECIFIC steps to grieve the vaccine policy. Here is a copy of the general letter you can edit send them via email. … Read more

November 5 Update

Notes from meeting with Derek From: There are 2 distinct situations/relationships that employees are in. 3 party relationship: employer – union – worker 4 party relationship: government – employer – union – worker. The people in the 4-party setting have a better chance at a constitutional battle with AHS, which essentially will trickle down to … Read more

October 30 Update

Hello everyone, There has been lots of action over the last few days , so it’s time for an update. Frontline 4 Freedom (F4F) It an attempt to amalgamate all groups who are fighting against the mandates, a group has been formed called Frontline 4 Freedom (F4F). It is made of Physicians, RNs/LPNs, EMS, Police, … Read more

October 26 Update

Last nights meeting was represented by COC, CFD, CPS, EPS, med hat fire, EMS and Frontline4freedom. The goal is to amalgamate with more groups as we find each other.  Here are some of the meeting notes: 1) they want to unite the different groups and have a united front 2) they want to create a … Read more

October 25 Update

For those of you that were unable to attend the ZOOM call yesterday with information from Rocco Galati, here is a recap: Mr.Galati did not actually attend the call,  but had representatives from Take Action Canada explaining and answering questions.  They explained that Mr Galati is already taking  action against the government,  and if the … Read more

October 19 Update

Hello Everyone, Fight4Frontline, the group we have partnered up with, has some great news! Rebel media has chosen to fund our constitutional battle! Stay tuned for more updates!

October 18 Update

Hello Everyone, Members from our EMS group were part of a zoom meeting today with Dr Payne and his lawyer Jeff Rath along side other allied health professionals. This is what was discussed: Dr. Payne, the pediatrician, who went viral speaking out, is working with Jeffrey Rath, the lawyer who wrote the letter to the … Read more