December 12 Update

Dec 12:

Hello everyone,

There’s a few actions taking place in different groups, each of which sound important and need addressing, and relaying to everyone. Each are wordy and have similar yet different approaches. We hope each and every person can share respond to these individually (if not already done so) and share as wide as possible:

ACTION REQUIRED DEC 13/14 from professional lobbyist George Bears.

Share Provincialy, this is specific to ALBERTA but likely the 90 days is the same in all.

Here are the details from the meetings:

One of our members attended a Strategy Session with some key people from different locations across Alberta on Thursday, below is the imminent action item that was discussed. I will send a consecutive e-mail with the rest of the items discussed at the Strategy Session, at a later time.

1. Every 90 days the Health Emergency can be renewed for another 90 days, but in order to do this the government must be provided with extensive evidence that states that the emergency should continue, this has not been happening. Once the 90 days comes up there are about 5 key people in government (3 of them are Jason Kenney, Jason Nixon, Jason Copping) who have basically been “rubber stamping” the Health Emergency for another 90 days without proof to continue, which to my understanding means, they are flat out breaking the law!

2. The next “rubber stamping” session will be December 15th. If we want this not to happen we need to be at RJ Sigurdson office or another MLA you have access to or is closer to your location on Monday December 13th protesting. It is also my understanding the politicians don’t know we know this, so catching them off guard is going to get them thinking.  The Strategy Group came up with a general message that should be the same for all areas throughout Alberta.

– End the Emergency

– Vote NO December 15th

– NO More Mandates

3. If we are unable to attend in person, then it was suggested to call or e-mail with the same messaging as listed above. Be sure to put one, or all of these items in your subject line, along with this, please include in your subject line “this is not computer generated message, this is a personal e-mail.

Example: VOTE NO DECEMBER 15TH, END THE EMERGENCY – This is not a computer generated message, this is a personal e-mail to RJ from (insert you own name)

The reason we want to verify the message is not computer generated is if RJ opens up his e-mail and sees 500 e-mails with the same subject line, they may get deleted. Or the computer security system will flag them as unsafe. If each one of us can please pass this message on to 2 people and then ask those 2 people to do the same, and so on and so forth, this can really have an impact.

– – –

There will be protests organized at the MLA offices (RJ and Roger in Okotoks/High River area) on December 13 and 14. If you can go, please do. Most likely between 11 and 2 (all day would be best but people have to work).

If you want to be added to an email list for details please DM me with your email address, postal code and First Name and I’ll add you – the primary group is advocating for children and parents rights to make choices for them, BUT this will help everyone.

Key thing, they are under strong understanding that the MLAs etc don’t know we know about the 90 day rotation, so striking with surprise will be beneficial.

This is from F4F


Lots of us have probably been asking ourselves what can we do to get our message heard. Or that our opinions, concerns, morals, ethics and values are not being listened to! That we only want the opportunity to feel valued in our “why”. But for whatever reason we’re stuck. Whether that be due to fear of breaking policy and protocol or fear of retaliation about coming out with a stance on a polorizing divisive personal choice over standing up for body autonomy and personal constitutional rights and freedoms.

Did you see the video put out by If you haven’t, please take the 3 minutes to go watch it on their website. It’s powerful and probably speaks to the very core of every single one of you.

F4F wants to release our own, with our stories, our feelings. We want to protect everyone’s identity, but give individuals who choose to get something out there in a discrete powerful way.

We’re asking for you to create your own message like the ones below and send them to the protonmail email at

We will be taking your messages and compiling them to make a similar video. Metadata will be removed from all pictures received.

From JG:

*Please note that EVERY VOICE MATTERS in this fight! And that we are now past the 170 letters. Keep them coming! We have over 1000 people in all our groups combined. Let’s get our voices out there!!!*


Spoke to the health misters office this evening.  So this is what’s happening.  Minister Copping continues to collect letters from each of us to build a case for each of our positions.  If we can all send in letters to explain how our position loss will have a negative impact on healthcare services, he will present that to Verna.  I’m told that the minister has a series of meetings scheduled with Verna for these negotiations.  However, he said that the deadline will come and pass while these negotiations take place.  So we all need to accept that if we have not heard back from ahs to notify us being chosen to take rapid tests, we are not getting another extension.  But if our individual cases are compelling enough, our positions may be saved down the road.  Not sure how long these series of meetings will take.  But what we can do is make sure we write into the ministers office, to Scott Reith specifically. ( He said he only received about 170 letters.   I’m shocked the numbers are so low.  We have to keep fighting guys.  Write in and share with others in our position so they too write in.  We still have time to make an impact for each of our own positions.  Also, I made him aware the tricks ahs is playing in posting our positions as permanent positions while ahs policy states we can return if vaccinated.  He said we must talk to our unions about this false advertising.


This was on Health Professionals united Telegram

I attended a freedom meeting last week and this was one of the ideas that was put forth. I’m sharing it here as the more messages sent, hopefully the bigger the impact. I know many of you on this feed have written many amazing letters to affect change; this one is a simple message to key MLA’s

Dear Freedom Lovers,

This is our action item.

December 15 is the expiry date for the State of Emergency enforced by AHS and the UCP.

Therefore on December 13 @10:00 am. we are encouraging individuals in our freedom groups to send the following message to your MLA and the Emergency Management Cabinet Committee. Our hope and prayer is that a large number of emails in solidarity, with a straight forward message may get their attention.

Subject: END the State of Emergency

Begin the Healing!

Vote to end the state of emergency.

We have included a list of the Emergency Management Cabinet Committee and their contact emails. ( the group list at the end of this email should make the email addresses easy to copy and paste.)

For Constitutional Freedom,

If you go to this website, it will give you your MLA’s address:

The contacts for the Emergency Management Cabinet Committee.

Jason Kenney

Ric McIvor or

Travis Toews or

Jason Nixon or

Tyler Shandro or

Rick Wilson or

Rajan Sawhney or

Kaycee Madu or

Adriana LaGrange or

Rebecca Schulz or

Mickey Amery

Jason Copping or

Deena Hinshaw

List to copy and paste