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Latest Update:

October 6, 2021:

Hello Everyone,

We had a great meeting with members from fight4frontline.com. They are a group for FIRE/EMS personnel who have retained a lawyer and are looking for added support. We liked what they has to say, so we thought we’d forward their contact information to you. We will be looking at setting up a possible ZOOM (or other venue) for a Q&A, but here are the basics:
They have retained Lawyer Derek From to represent them
They are looking for as many people as possible to reduce costs as well as create more of an impact.
The goal is to change the mandate to include other options for proof of healthy employees, such as regular swabbing or proof of natural immunity.
They are interested in creating support in the public eye.
They will be looking at crowdfunding to cover the costs.
A letter will be sent to AHS on Friday, which will outline their intent.

For more information, please visit their website and sign up for updates.

On another note, we’d like to remind you to visit the https://healthprofessionalsunited.ca/ and the https://stiltskin.ca/action/ for updates. Recently there was a volunteer form added to the Healthprofessionals site. Volunteers are being organized into zones and a regular newsletter is being put together through email addresses. Sign up to be included! https://healthprofessionalsunited.ca/volunteer/

Stay strong everyone! We are getting close to the dreaded dates, but there may be a tipping point where they see that they can’t manage without us. Kenny and the health minister announced that the service industry could provide antigen tests or “vax” status, and CPS announced the same thing to their employees yesterday! Although it’s not a removal of the mandate, it is an option that should be considered. Only you know your personal line in the sand. Keep well!


Sept 28: Please read the following letter, as it will hopefully provide you with updates, direction, and encouragement.

Freedom Fighters Letter Click to view the PDF


JCCF recommended action items: Click to view the PDF

Notice of Objection Template Guide – Click to view the PDF

Notice of Objection Template Guide #2 – Click to view the PDF

Updates Archive

Sept 27: Hello Everyone
How is everyone holding up? We have been busy trying to keep up with the constant changes from all sides.

We understand that the letter release did not go as expected. If you aren’t in the telegram groups, here are the cole’s notes from the physicians:

An extensive audit had to be done due to some improper names and inability to confirm identities. Credentials needed to be verified and ultimately this had to be done via PRACID. We lost some signature in this process however time was of the essence. The letter was sent to AHS via the lawyer by the physicians group, after the audit was done. Unfortunately, we are unsure how the letter was released to our colleagues. We understand some of the disappointment in this, especially as our peers are using this information in an unprofessional manner. Remember that the names on the list include all AHS employees who are opposed to the mandate, both “vaxed” and “unvaxed” alike. The objective, however, was to release the names to the public. Everyone had signed the waiver agreeing to their name going public when they submitted their signature. Please know that all other AHS workers are standing in unity with you, including physicians who are instrumental to this cause.

If you feel harassed, bullied or unsafe at work please follow the proper channels by submitting an MSN, contacting HR and if needed, file a complaint with ACP. Whether our choices and opinions differ we should not feel discriminated against, or feel unsafe at work.

We are fine tuning another letter for you all. It’s not a template, but more a letter of encouragement as well as outlining our current options.

We know it seems things aren’t moving. But rest assured that things are still moving from different areas and different groups. We encourage everyone to educate themselves on actions in other groups, connect with peers and continue to support each other.

Sept 13: Last night we had a meeting with the physician group. We wholeheartedly understand that the new website went out with a bang, both good and bad. We are here to ensure you that the physicians letter will remain up for signing and will not be released until a critical mass has been reached. The site is fully secure and has been verified by 2 independent security groups. A secondary letter is being revised and will follow shortly. The signature site is https://healthprofessionalsunited.ca. Our main information will still be found here until a link is created on that site, in conjunction with the Nursing group. We have the JCCF meeting notes and action items in a downloadable document below. Letters to AHS and HSAA are being drafted to use as templates for you to use. They will be available over the next few days. Feel free to use any or all of the information in your letters. Understand that this information is being used in good faith and as a resource only.  We promised you would bring vetted information as we learn it. We are still in this fight. Your support has been encouraging. Continue to reach out and stay tuned for more updates.

Sept. 9: We have been bombarded with conflicting information from various sources over the past week as to what steps we should be taking. We understand you are all anxious for direction and information, however we feel the best plan of action is to vet and fact check this information to make sure what we are passing along to you is indeed factual and true. We were part of the physicians meeting last night that has been mentioned in other groups and at this junction, are following the direction we received at that meeting to keep the details quiet for now. There is still work to be done behind the scenes before details can be released. We want to reassure you we are consulting the JCCF/legal counsel to verify whether submitting a Notice of Liability is a viable plan of action BEFORE we advise anyone to move forward with that.


This is not legal advice.

  1. Start documenting any and all calls you have been on where you have suspicion that the illness/injury was due to the Covid-19 vaccine. If you have dates and times, that would be best, but not necessary. Try to recount details if possible. It will be your testimony of the events, and not considered to be a FOIP issue as you will not include names. Collect and hold/save for further notice.
  2. Take screenshots of social media from colleagues that present as harassment, bullying or discrimination. Collect and hold/save for further notice.
  3. Impact Statements: Know anyone who has had a COVID 19 Vaccine injury? Encourage them to get a statement from their physician. Collect statements and hold/save them until further notice.
  4. Here is the contact information for the HSAA, should you want to call or email them.
  5. grievances; stay tuned for more on this.

How you can help!

Writing your MLA
Write to the union
Invite like minded individuals!

Tips when contacting HSAA

HSAA states in their contact area on their website the following verbatim when knowing what the HSAA expects from its members (https://hsaa.ca/contact-us/):

We need you to be an active participant in resolving workplace issues. We expect you to:

– Provide your name and contact information and keep us up to date if your contact information changes
– Review your collective agreement
– Provide a full and honest explanation of the issue
– Provide information as requested
– Return calls in a timely manner
– Ask questions
– Follow the advice provided
– Provide new information as it surfaces
– Understand and respect your LROs role”
– REMEMBER: Our Union is the BEST option RIGHT NOW to STOP this from becoming irreversible.
– BE RESPECTFUL in your concerns, but do not hold back from the fundamental freedoms for which we are trying to save.

Please take action and let your voice be heard with our union!

Our time is running out; Hopefully, they will announce they will respect their members’ and employees’ medical choices, as they should.

Let HSAA know they have a duty to look at all the facts and to represent all their members. Let them know there are other options to combat covid19. Let them know there are serious consequences including civil and criminal liability, to anyone that applies coercion to obtain consent for a medical intervention. WE ARE IN A BATTLE FOR OUR FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS.
They need to hear from all of us- WE MUST UNITE TO BRING ATTENTION WITHIN THE HSAA.

Additional Information:

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA) is a volunteer organization comprised of over 300 active members across Canada: research scientists, medical doctors and other health care practitioners, lawyers and other professionals. They are dedicated to balanced, scientific evidence-based information related to the prevention, tracking and treatment of COVID-19. Recently a very important document was created for the WestJet Flight Crews and their own battle for Human Rights. We have added it to the website- however, be aware it is not directed at EMS staff. Please review this document!!!


How do I request information on who has viewed my electronic health information?
Our grave concerns about the handling of the COVID pandemic by Governments of the Nations of the UK.