We are vaccinated and unvaccinated healthcare professionals, from multiple disciplines, standing together against the AHS covid vaccine mandate. We stand for principals of medical autonomy, informed consent and freedom of choice.

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  • December 12 Update
    Dec 12: Hello everyone, There’s a few actions taking place in different groups, each of which sound important and need addressing, and relaying to everyone. Each are wordy and have similar yet different approaches. We hope each and every person can share respond to these individually (if not already done so) and share as wide … Read more
  • Evidence for Parents: Pediactric COVID Vaccine
  • November 22 Update
    Notes from Fight4frontline live stream: Derek will be filing an injunction in about a week, just before the Nov 30 deadline.  He thinks AHS’ defense will be section 1 of the constitution, which basically states that in an emergency they can impose the vaccine mandates.  Derek’s focused opposition will be that section 1 has limitations, … Read more