November 22 Update

Notes from Fight4frontline live stream:

Derek will be filing an injunction in about a week, just before the Nov 30 deadline. 

He thinks AHS’ defense will be section 1 of the constitution, which basically states that in an emergency they can impose the vaccine mandates. 

Derek’s focused opposition will be that section 1 has limitations, in that they CAN”T “do whatever they want in an emergency” especially when other options are available, such as testing and proof of naturally immunity. 

At this point, they are strictly requesting an injunction. Derek is not not convinced that the injunction will prevail, however. Lawsuits will follow in January at the Court of Queen’s Bench with the constitutional challenge. As mentioned before, they will pick 3-4 people to represent instead of a large group. This is not a class action suit. The goal is that when one person will be successful in having the mandates retracted this will be a win for everyone.  

They are approaching their legal case from 3 angles: 

1. Religious exemption. As many have now received denial letters for their religious exemption applications, there are some strong cases to fight this. 

2. Natural immunity. Given that we now know natural immunity and proof of blood tests show equal or better antibody levels.

3. Medical exemption. 

As the constitution applies to government and not to private businesses, the legal team is going to argue that AHS is a government entity. (the mandates are being enforced by AHS, aka the Gov) AHS is not the direct employer of the persons filing the lawsuits, so they hope this is a good angle. 

Tim introduced 8 people and they shared their various stories. Tim also shared leaked audio footage of a firefighter having an emotional discussion with their union rep. ❤️

Here is the Livestream on YouTube:

There is a call to action: If you haven’t already signed up with the fight4frontline website, please subscribe to receive emails, updates and notifications for meetings or live stream events. There will soon be a fundraising emails sent out to request for donations. As rebel news has given them funding for the legal fight, the monies will be to support front liners who have lost their jobs, to help pay for bills and support their families.