November 5 Update

Notes from meeting with Derek From:

There are 2 distinct situations/relationships that employees are in.

3 party relationship: employer – union – worker

4 party relationship: government – employer – union – worker.

The people in the 4-party setting have a better chance at a constitutional battle with AHS, which essentially will trickle down to all AHS. Derek from will be initiating a constitutional argument directly at AHS, but by holding them accountable as acting in the place of the “government”, instead of regarding them as the “employer” (as in the 3-party relationship)

This is under the argument that AHS could be considered a government entity due to the fact that it has a monopoly in Alberta, it is strictly funded by the Alberta government to deliver health care, it occupies government buildings and that the mandate is tied to health care and public health. The Government is subject to the Constitution.

However, Union employees are bound by their CBAs which are in place to protect all their members. We pay their salary! Unionized employees need to exhaust their grievance process with their Unions FIRST. This is how:

As advised by Derek From, Each person needs to follow these directives:  

1. Each person must grieve/start process of grieving the policy that mandates Covid 19 vaccines. Call them and find out specifics on how this grievance needs to be done. State directly and firmly to their union (First verbally, and then in writing) that:  “ This is a formal request for a Policy Grievance”. State that the policy could cause irreversible harm as the vaccine cannot be undone and we are not aware of any long-term side effects. Furthermore, the mandate infringes on your Fundamental rights to bodily autonomy and your right to choose medical procedures (life, liberty, and security of person)

2. Request/ Demand this grievance to be expedited as there is a strict timeline.

3. Ask/Demand that your union to go to Court of Queens Bench for you to place an injunction on the policy/mandate being implemented. ** The union needs to fight for an injunction**

Dusty is also formulating a template letter written by Derek to send to the unions. (standby for this copy)

Our part is to find out specifically how to make the grievance process happen, tell them we are serious and want this done NOW. EVERYONE MUST ACT NOW!

At this time, there will be no class action suit. Derek From will be representing 3 plaintiffs; 1 for natural immunity, 1 for medical exemption, 1 for religious exemption. The suits are on very specific constitutional grounds with hopes to stop/ halt or reverse the vaccine mandate and/or to allow for natural immunity, swabs or exemptions. The plan is to file the week before the deadline. Send all your info such as positive antibody tests, correspondence with your union and any bullying and harassment to, as they are accumulating evidence.

INSTRUCTIONS from Derek From

Cut and paste content into another document or an email.

Add your own individual or group information to the bolded portions and remove the bold font as you go

Add the PDF 1 and PDF 2 attachments of the Ontario legal reasons and decisions documents to your email/letter.

Keep track of your interaction and communication with your union, supervisors. Catalogue emails and letter and make notes of conversations.