October 14 Update

Good day everyone,

The date to submit your vax status is approaching and we are all feeling the pressure.

Here’s a few reminders:

If you are applying for an exemption please remember to submit those right away.

If you are planning to hold the line and have the “educational” meeting, remember to pay out your banks prior to Nov 1 to ENSURE you get those hours paid out to you.

If you are planning on taking stress leave, remember you need a diagnosis from your physician and or psychologist  to claim WCB. If not another option is STD/LTD.

Unfortunately we are in a holding pattern until we pass the 16th and the 31st.

We understand that after

speaking to and hearing

from a few different lawyers, we cannot start legal proceedings until something happens to us ie: ULOA.

In light of HSAA’s recent FAQ release we are looking for some feedback regarding some action items:

Sending a collective letter to HSAA. Has anyone started this? Please see the attached letter to AHS from Fight4Frontline as well as their media releases. Well done guys!