October 18 Update

Hello Everyone,

Members from our EMS group were part of a zoom meeting today with Dr Payne and his lawyer Jeff Rath along side other allied health professionals. This is what was discussed:

Dr. Payne, the pediatrician, who went viral speaking out, is working with Jeffrey Rath, the lawyer who wrote the letter to the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

 He just release a 2nd letter directed at AHS.

 (See the 2 Docs attached)

 Jeff has been litigating against the crown for years, for violation of human rights, mainly with indigenous people.

He is filing an emergency injunction to the Court of Queen’s bench on Wednesday Oct 20, which will hopefully halt the mandate until it can be seen in higher court (it may go up to the Supreme Court of Canada).

The 2nd letter is what he’s basing the case on. He will be trying to get Verna Yui and/or Hinshaw on the stand to catch them with all their lies.

They need to win on 3 levels:

1)reasonable case to be tried

2) case of irreparable harm 3) balance of convenience

Jeff is of the opinion that the chances if winning are good as the states are shifting towards our perspective such as information coming out from Israel and the UK.

He will be mainly fighting on a human rights level though, fighting against the violation of privacy rights and the security of personal autonomy,  not debating science. But he will be bringing up a few irreputable scientific facts.  

He is urgently looking for people to become part of his lawsuit, and will most likely be filing it as a class action lawsuit. (Those who join can not be a part of any other active lawsuit, meaning your name cannot he attached to anotherbkawsuite against AHS)

 He will also be taking in some affidavits (letters/testimony) of people that have really incriminating stories or events that would turn heads, that he can submit. But he won’t have everyone sign affidavits as the court can subpoena any of those people. Instead, he’s asking for people who are interested in being a part of the lawsuit to send and email with the following info:  Name, contact info, age, department, years of service, education levels, and that you would like to be included in the lawsuit.  (also let him know if you have something juicy, and they will decide if they want further info)

 Emails can be sent with the subject heading: “Operation Yui”  to rathco@rathandcompany.com.  Other contact info for them are jrath@rathandcompany.com (Jeff’s direct email) or mrejman@rathandcompany.com (Jeff’s associate Martin Raymond’s email)