October 25 Update

For those of you that were unable to attend the ZOOM call yesterday with information from Rocco Galati, here is a recap: Mr.Galati did not actually attend the call,  but had representatives from Take Action Canada explaining and answering questions.  They explained that Mr Galati is already taking  action against the government,  and if the Alberta group of police/fire/EMS is large enough then he will consider representing us also. (Orther groups such as RNs, MDs support staff can also join)

This will be a civil action case against the government, not criminal. ALL Unionized employees can be a part of it.(there are 13 different unions in AB) This action will bypass the unions.  

The retainer for his services will be approximately 1000-1500$ per person. (Reduced with higher numbers). The process may take onward of 10 months to get into the courts.  He already has top witnesses with lots of documents to provide to the court, so much of the work will be used and transferred for this case as well.  If you become part of this Action suit, you would receive a legal document within one week after submitting the retainer. (To submit to the employer if needed) If you wish to be a part of it, more info can be attained by contacting Sandy(one of the presenters) at 403-277-7173.  You can also contact them through Take Action Canada. ( I apologize, as I did not hear whether or not they have a direct email).

 There will most likely also be a follow up session on Tuesday night 7 PM Eastern time, for more information. Details and zoom link to follow.

During the meeting, they mentioned that it is possible to take the approach of “wait and see” for how the Ontario litigation pans out, before making any decision. However, because the process takes so long, they highly recommended that if you would like to get involved, that stepping up now, instead of waiting, would be the best option.