September 27 Update

Hello Everyone
How is everyone holding up? We have been busy trying to keep up with the constant changes from all sides.

We understand that the letter release did not go as expected. If you aren’t in the telegram groups, here are the cole’s notes from the physicians:

An extensive audit had to be done due to some improper names and inability to confirm identities. Credentials needed to be verified and ultimately this had to be done via PRACID. We lost some signature in this process however time was of the essence. The letter was sent to AHS via the lawyer by the physicians group, after the audit was done. Unfortunately, we are unsure how the letter was released to our colleagues. We understand some of the disappointment in this, especially as our peers are using this information in an unprofessional manner. Remember that the names on the list include all AHS employees who are opposed to the mandate, both “vaxed” and “unvaxed” alike. The objective, however, was to release the names to the public. Everyone had signed the waiver agreeing to their name going public when they submitted their signature. Please know that all other AHS workers are standing in unity with you, including physicians who are instrumental to this cause.

If you feel harassed, bullied or unsafe at work please follow the proper channels by submitting an MSN, contacting HR and if needed, file a complaint with ACP. Whether our choices and opinions differ we should not feel discriminated against, or feel unsafe at work.

We are fine tuning another letter for you all. It’s not a template, but more a letter of encouragement as well as outlining our current options.

We know it seems things aren’t moving. But rest assured that things are still moving from different areas and different groups. We encourage everyone to educate themselves on actions in other groups, connect with peers and continue to support each other.